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Feeling Stuck? 5 Tips For Finding Your Passion

Do you ever feel like the world is moving around you while you’re stuck staying still

This feeling is one that almost everyone has experienced at one point another. It comes most often when we are unsure of our passion, or place in the world.

Going through life without these answers can be scary. It can cause us to questions why we are here, and what our greater purpose is. 

However, while you may not know it yet, your passion is right in front of you. 

It lies within the things you do, the people you see, the places you go. 

5 Tips For Finding Your Passion

1. Love Everything You Do 

This may sound impossible, but loving everything you do is really just a mindset. 

While we can’t change what we have to do, we can change the way that we approach doing it. 

By approaching all of our daily tasks with a positive mindset, what once felt like a chore may begin to feel recreational. 

Tackling your tasks with a positive attitude will allow you to have a more open mind when it comes to trying new things or discovering what you really love.

2. Set Goals 

Setting a goal for yourself to complete at least one “passionate” activity per day is a great way to begging honing in on your interests and discovering what makes you tick. 

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. If you feel interested in baking cookies one day, bake the cookies. 

If you feel interested in drawing another day, draw. 

As I said, it doesn’t matter what the activities are. What matters is that you are committed to doing them. 

3. Check Out Your Belongings

Take a long look through your books, movies, magazines, and anything else you have that’s media-related. 

The key here is to look for common themes or interests within your collection. 

Notice which books or movies excite you as you scroll through. Also, notice the ones that don’t. 

Once you’ve finished browsing, it’s time to pick out your top 3 favorite items. Find some more media covering that topic and dive a little deeper. 

4. Try New Things 

One of the best ways to discover your passion is by trying as many new things as you can. 

While some things may seem completely uninteresting or too difficult, you should never knock them until you’ve tried. 

What may have seemed boring when you were 13 could feel like the most fun time of your life as an adult. 

If you’d like, you can write out a list of things you’ve always wanted to try. Think of this as a bucket list. 

Dedicate a set time during each week to your new interests. You may also want to check out local classes or groups for a more structured approach to new things. 

Remember, the more you leave your comfort zone, the better. 

5. Journal 

For the purposes of passion, dedicate this journal to one thing and one thing only. 

The one thing must be something that you are confident you can write about and fill one full page. 

It does not matter what you chose. 

What matters is that you fill the page, though, so you’ll probably want to pick something you can talk a lot about. 

Spend the next few minutes writing about your chosen topic. Include as many details as you can, especially details expressing why this certain topic interests you so much. 

And if you find that you can complete this exercise for more topics than one, great. Write away.

Remember, we all have passion and purpose. 

If you’re feeling stuck, take a moment to contemplate someone the advice in this blog. You’ll be leaving your legacy before you know.

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