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How To Create Your Own Meditation Room

Staying consistent with your meditation practice is something we all struggle with at one time or another. Creating a designated meditation space will help remove some of those obstacles.

The added benefit of a meditation space is overtime throughout your practice your sacred space will trigger a meditative state upon entering it. This is due to habitual practice as well as the mental correlation you hold with the space.

What To Consider When Creating A Meditation Space

Having your own sacred space to meditate in, can really make a home feel like home! It can feel intimidating to know where to start which is why we made this guide covering the essentials of a meditation room.

First things first, choose the right spot. If you are creating this meditation room in your home which many of you are, then choose a spot that is relatively private and quiet.

This should be a space where the location makes you feel good. You may already know this, but it is also important to keep the space clean and uncluttered. External clutter can make it harder to dissolve internal clutter.

If you are creating a meditation space and not a whole room, don’t worry we will help you plan that out at the bottom of the article. Find 5 tips for starting a meditation routine here!

The Must-Haves For Creating A Meditation Space

These are the meditation room essentials to consider when designing your space. You can, of course, incorporate additional details as you want to. However, this space should remain relatively simple in order to avoid decorating in a way that can distract you from your practice.

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Good lighting is part of the meditation room essentials. Consider using natural lighting because the healing and invigorating energy of the sun is great to be involved in your meditation. You can even consider crafting a meditation space outside to capitalize on this.

There are other options besides natural lighting such as mood lighting. Colored lights or salt lamps can create a warm atmosphere in your meditation room. Salt lamps also boost your mood!


Although many Buddhist practitioners reside in the lotus position for meditation, many bodies are not built to do this. Meditation cushions work to help promote the blood flow to your feet while removing the distraction of being physically uncomfortable while sitting for meditation.

There is nothing wrong with making your body deliciously comfortable during meditation as long as you can remain alert. Blankets can also be used to prop your knees or be placed behind the knee to help those with knee pain.


While connecting to your true essence and honoring your inner nature during meditation, consider bringing other nature life into your meditation room. You can even consider an outdoor mediation space.

Bringing plants into your meditation space can instantly liven up the space. The plants also help to clear out built-up stagnant energy and bring a grounding energy into your space.

Don’t Have A Whole Room For Meditation?

It is perfectly fine if you do not have an entire room to make a meditation space within. This does not mean you are any less able to reach the higher levels of consciousness a meditation room is supposed to help you reach.

However, there are some adjustments that you can make in order to create a meditation space. First off, cushioning is still a must-have. This will turn a corner of a room into a meditation space instantly.

Placing objects you consider sacred around your space will also help set the tone of the area. Consider candles, incense, crystals, or statues to represent any divine figure that you want to connect with or learn from.

The most important aspect to consider is how the space normally functions and if it can allow you to concentrate. It should also be a fairly uncluttered space as well.

Special Touches For Your Meditation Space

What do you want your meditation space to smell like? You can burn incense or keep essential oils in the room to use during pranayama practices.

Is there a speaker you would like to keep in the room to place meditation music or guided meditations. You may enjoy Rick Hanson’s guided meditations which you can find here!

Ready To Meditate?

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