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Free Guided Meditation Downloads Seven Day Course

The essence of meditation is that it is adaptive to every single state of your being and every stage of your awakening. This means that you can do both, deep dive into techniques and have customized tools as well as find free resources!

Here we have compiled a list of free guided meditations that you can use as a resource for your meditation practice. Enjoy! Want to learn about the health benefits of meditation? Look no further we have a whole list breaking them down here.

Free Seven Day Guided Meditations To Bring You Into Balance

You can follow along with each of these guided meditations for one week. There is a guided meditation for every day. The focus ranges from focusing on the breath all the way to vipassana meditation techniques.

Day 1 Guided Meditation

Learning to get started with the foundation of the breath is a grounding and stable way to begin your journey into meditation as a beginner or simply beginning this seven-day series.

If you are wanting to expand upon the foundation of the breath, find our resources for breath exercises and pranayama benefits here.

Day 2 Connecting To The Essence of Meditation

The essence of this meditation is to quiet the mind and tap into the different layers within meditation. It guides you to clear away exactly what is busying the mind and what blockages we may be having to finding stillness.

Finding why the mind keeps speaking and how-to quiet it is something Michael Singer in his book The Untethered Soul and his course you can learn about here.

Day 3 Release Expectations and Attachments

The third-day meditation is all about finding freedom the expectations the mind attaches to. The mind tells us to keep thinking and keep doing then and only then you can relax.

This is a never-ending game of chase and keeps us attached to awaiting the future. This is something Shawn Achor addresses in the solution he calls The Happiness Advantage.

Day 4 Introduction To Vipassana Meditation

On day 4 of the meditation series, you enter into an introduction of vipassana style meditation. If you loved this one and want to learn more about how to practice vipassana style meditation then click here.

Day 5 Expanding On Breath Focus

We started this week of meditation with awareness of the breath. We will now work on expanding how we work with and view the breath. To learn how meditation in itself will improve your lung capacity and breathing click here.

Day 6 Stillness

You can tap into a space of timelessness and utter stillness in between breaths. That is in between movement, seeking, and releasing. Placing your focus and awareness on this part can serve to open your awareness to a stillness you didn’t know resides within you.

Day 7 Expansion

After building a strong foundation, a root system if you will, you can then reach out your branches and expand your awareness. This meditation focuses upon understanding the qualities you experience stillness as.

The Meditation Courses We Offer

If you felt yourself grow during this week of free guided meditations, then you will love our extensive Quiet The Mind in 30 days course. When you register you will receive 7 free meditations. Click here to get started and learn about our courses.

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