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Guided Vipassana Meditation Technique – A Single Point of Focus

This meditation is an excerpt from our introductory course on how to quiet the mind. Register for free to get started with the course.

The method used is very similar to the Vipassana meditation technique of focusing on the point of entry of the air into the nostril. You can click here to learn more about how to do Vipassana meditation.

10 Minute Vipassana Meditation for Beginners

Today, we are going to use a simple technique to help focus your concentration.

In truth, you are always 100% focused on something. You always place 100% faith in something. The question is to what extent you are aware of that focus.

The aim of today’s lesson is to help you realize that, perhaps, you are not as aware of your mind as you think you are.

To begin, take a long breath in through your nose. Exhale naturally, also through your nose. Allow the pace of your breath to be calm and comfortable, allowing the air to move in and out of your body freely. Neither rush, nor linger.

Now, begin to hone your focus. Concentrate on the air as i t moves through your nostril. Can you identify a single point, where the air enters your body? 

Focus more clearly on that point: at the tip of your nose, just as the breath enters and exits. 

Maintain your focus here. Find a single point of focus.

After a few moments, ask: where is my mind? Is it still focused?

If not, bring your attention back. Feel the air pulsing in and out of the tip of your nose. Continue to breathe softly, calmly. Focus, and observe.

Eventually, you will lose focus. It may be only a few seconds, or it may be a minute or more, but, eventually, the mind will wander.

Do not criticize yourself when this happens. It is ok. In fact, it is good. It is the nature of the mind to think, and you are becoming aware of that thought.

There is no admonishment in thinking. By definition: if you are aware you have lost focused, you are aware of your thoughts.

If you are aware of your thoughts, you can bring them back into focus.

Simply reset. Find your single point of focus.

You will repeat this process over, and over again.

You will focus. You will lose that focus. And you will recenter once again.

You may find your mind will pass through cycles of deep relaxation and intense, chaotic thought. Again, this is ok. Allow each phase to pass. Draw your attention back to the tip of your nose.

Just breathe.

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