Wayne Dyer Japa Meditation – Guided Ah Sound Affirmation

In this post, I want to share a really nice Japa meditation by Wayne Dyer.

Japa meditation is a meditation technique similar to mantra meditation, in that it involves the repetition of a simple sound or affirmation over the course of your meditation. As you continue to repeat the word, you enter more and more into the feeling and emotion behind the word, allowing you to access a higher state of consciousness, and begin to live from the energy you choose to express.

In this meditation, the sound focuses on the word “ahhhh.” This is an open sound, which will help you to increase receptivity to inspired sources, and begin to relax completely away from the physical world. You can use this in conjunction with a firm visualization of what you want to achieve, in order to set your intention for success.

Guided Japa Meditation by Wayne Dyer

For best results, use this meditation every morning, before beginning your routine for the day.

Wayne Dyer was a world-renowned spiritual author and one of the top Law of Attraction teachers of the 20th century, who spoke on the power of using your mind and intention in order to create the world you truly desire for yourself.

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