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Meditation for Spaciousness: Finding Stillness In Your Breath

This meditation is an excerpt from our 30 day beginning meditation series. You can register for free using here to get started.

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Today, we begin the second series of this course. We have already had an introduction to the breath, but it is time now to move beyond your breath. To focus more clearly on the space within.

Begin to draw your attention inward. Begin to notice your breath. Notice the constant cycle that is always available.

Without trying to change your breath, simply draw your attention to it. Allow air into your body and release that air just as effortlessly.

Notice as you breathe in. Notice as you breathe out. There is nothing you need to accomplish. There is no aim to achieve. There is simply the flow of breath. As you begin to focus more on your breath, notice what has changed. Your body is calmer. Your mind quiets, even from where it was just a few moments ago. There is always a direct correlation between the pace of your breath and the response of your body and mind.    On your next exhale, allow yourself to release all of the air you hold, and allow a pause — a single second or two — before you begin your next inhale. Without forcing, delay slightly the natural motion of your breath. Resume the inhale as soon as it is comfortable for you, and when you resume, inhale fully. Inhale slowly. Similarly, find a brief space at the top of that inhale. 

One moment. 

A single second.

Once again, release that space, allowing your breath to find a new, effortless cycle that is altered just slightly. It’s just a lingering, a pause.

Allow yourself to notice that space. Feel the emptiness of it, the openness of it, the silence of it, and yet feel also how vibrant it is, how alive, how warm, or tingly, even. This is the energy of being, the energy of existence. This is presence. Feel into that space, the space between the breaths. Simply noticing, simply observing, without judgement or expectation. Without even any labels to apply to it. Just a curiosity, a receptivity, to notice what’s there. Every breath gives you that opportunity. If your mind wanders and you miss one, that’s ok. Come back with a new, fresh perspective.

Reside more steadily in that feeling. Become more comfortable with it. And, if it’s comfortable for you, allow it to linger a little longer. Then, on your next breath, as you continue to find that space, you allow yourself to release your thought, for that single second, the same moment in the same way you find space between your breath, allow yourself to find a slight space between your thoughts. 

You’re not denying thought. You’re not pushing it away. you’re not pretending it doesn’t exist. you’re just noticing that in the same way you can push back the breath slightly, you can allow your current thought to end and delay, just slightly, the onset of the next thought. So as you exhale you release all of the air from your body, and as that last puff of air leaves, you pause your thought. As you begin your inhale, you allow your thoughts to resume, whatever wants to come. You simply notice.

Similarly, as you inhale fully, slowly, gradually, you find this space of just lingering at the top of your breath, and you allow that space to be completely free. When your exhale resumes, you allow your next thought to resume as well. Notice what is there. 

Notice the energy that is behind every thought. Notice the sense of openness, the sense of ease, the sense of well-being that permeates every breath. Allow yourself to rest lusciously in that, deliciously in that. This ineffable field.

The more you bring your consciousness to it, the more you bring your awareness to it, the stronger that feeling becomes. It may have a sensation of light, or equally a sensation of space and emptiness. 

As you continue to rest in that space, you may find it lingers a little longer and that even as your breath resumes, that space between the thoughts remains.

Discover the ubiquity of this energy. It is ever-present, ever-available to you, and you can never cut yourself off from it. You can never cut yourself off from the strength, the power, the constant flow of love that forever surrounds and permeates your existence. 

Allow yourself to rest more fully in it. 

You are in such a beautiful position. There is such joy propelling you forward. Welcome to a new standard, a new set-point, the canvas from which you may paint your every thought, perspective, and experience.

    Encourage patience. Encourage curiosity.  Encourage playful experimentation, for you are the one who is in control of this process. Though you may not yet know it, this energy is yours upon command. 

Dwell silently in this space for as long as is relevant for you. When you are ready, return gradually to a normal breath, and bring your awareness back to your physical surroundings.

Kyle Greenfield

Kyle Greenfield is the Founder and CEO of The Joy Within, where our mission is to help you win the fight against stress and negativity by harnessing the power of your natural, inner joy. Kyle has been teaching on meditation, mindfulness, and how to eliminate negative thoughts since 2016. He currently resides in London. You can follow Kyle on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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