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Om Bhavam Namah Mantra Meaning

Om Bhavam Namah is a sacred mantra in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Sanskrit is sometimes referred to as the mother of all languages and is one of the oldest languages in the world. It has been found in scriptures of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. It has mainly been used as a philosophical language within these religions.

What Does It Mean?

The mantra Om Bhavam Namah translates to I am absolute existence. When you acknowledge yourself as pure existence then you encompass all that you desire, love, hate, or enjoy.

This brings you to a place of total neutrality and simply pure consciousness. It empties you of separateness from your desires or love and it makes you the birthplace of creation itself.

When using this mantra you are practicing the law of pure potentiality as stated by Deepak Chopra. The law of pure potentiality explains we are pure consciousness moving from the unmanifest to manifest.

The nature of our existence is pure awareness and through this lies unbound creative potential.

It states that our natural way of being is of the realm of pure awareness and within here is unlimited potential. This law reminds us we are the creators of our world and that when we slow down we can begin to notice the subtle layers of our beingness.

When using this mantra we let go of judgments and distracted thoughts so that we can realign with our innate self of limitless potential. We are able to manifest with the law of attraction.

This mantra connects us to the wisdom of the crown chakra. This chakra is our connection to our infinite self and divine intelligence. It is strengthened when we enter meditative states and open our minds.

How To Use It

Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed to begin this meditative exercise. Repeat the phrase Om Bhavam Namah either out loud or in your head. Try both in different meditation sessions so that you can feel the difference between the two.

During the meditation, if your mind drifts from the mantra to sensations in the body, other thoughts, or external noises gently bring it back. Realign your mind to the essence of the mantra each time you notice it drifting away. In this mantra’s case, it is to embrace your limitless nature.

Continue this present and focused repetition for about ten minutes in order to reap its full benefits. Then slowly bring your attention back to your breath and your body. Take note of how you feel.

You can also use this mantra by listening to someone else chant it. Try this type of mantra meditation with the video below.

Benefits Of Mantra Meditation

When you come to a meditative state you are realigning yourself to your infinite potential and letting go of attachment to identity and preconceived beliefs. You come into contact with your true essence beyond the veil of the logical mind.

By repeating a mantra you are focusing your mental energy into the belief behind the mantra as well as stilling your habitual thoughts.

When meditating upon a mantra you are able to open your mind to your state of being rather than doing. You can then focus on the subtle layers of your being that arise when in a place of stillness.

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