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The Crown Chakra Sahasrara Energy Center

Sahasrara, the crown chakra, the seventh chakra in the seven chakras energy system. Chakra is Sanskrit and translates as “wheel” or “circle”. This translation can begin to explain the way the chakra system works as a continuous stream of energy circulating throughout the body. Sometimes when we become stagnant in life or it is time to change the way we have previously been living, our chakras can become blocked with this stagnation.

Letting go of limiting beliefs and attachments open up the crown chakra.

Characteristics Of A Balanced Crown Chakra

Sahasrara is located at the crown of the head and slightly above it. This chakra is shaped like a tunnel with its energy spiraling upwards towards the spiritual realm.  It is associated with the brain, nervous system, pineal, and hypothalamus gland.

When it is in balance one will feel connected to a source of higher power (i.e. the universe, god, universal love) and will feel they are living with a higher purpose.

This chakra is seen as the holder of limitless wisdom unbound by the human condition. Therefore, this chakra in balance shows the characteristics of one being at peace and embracing the human experience.

They will feel in balance between the body, mind, and spirit. As well as able to live in a meditative state while keeping their minds open. This can also take the form of one feeling connected to their higher self or spirit guides.

Activation Allies Of The Crown Chakra

When activating the crown chakra there are many tools you can use to open up this energy center. You can even incorporate some of these elements into your daily habits such as listening to crown chakra music while working, practicing mindfulness, using mantras, or simply wearing the colors white or purple. Some basic crown chakra associated tools are presented below.

Taking time away from electronics and sitting in silence can help open up and balance this energy center.

More advanced crown chakra activation allies include receiving a reiki session, meditation, self-reflection, and dream journaling. Yoga asanas or yoga poses for the crown chakra create their focus on expanding mental focus and tapping into universal wisdom. Asanas to open and activate the crown chakra include Sirasana (headstand), Savasana (corpse pose), and Sasangasana (rabbit pose).

Affirmations For Opening The Crown Chakra

When using affirmations repeatedly you can reprogram limiting thought patterns within the subconscious and conscious mind, open and balance the chakra system, as well as manifest through the law of attraction.

  • I am connected to infinite wisdom
  • I am a vessel for universal love
  • I am protected, loved, and valuable
  • The divine and sacred flows through me
  • My mind is open to divine wisdom
  • I am in alignment with my higher purpose

Crystals For Activating The Crown Chakra

Healing crystals can be used during meditation, placed under a pillow while sleeping, or carried in your pocket throughout your day. The color of a crystal directly correlates to which chakra this is helping you to work with. The colors with and purple supports the energy and balancing of the crown chakra. Some specific crystals to work with are:

  • Amethyst
  • Selenite
  • Clear Quartz
  • Lepidolite
  • Moonstone
  • Spirit Quartz
Working to open the crown chakra also opens the gateway to higher knowledge and wisdom.

Traits Of An Overactive Crown Chakra

When the crown chakra is overactive one can be focusing all of their energy in the higher planes of being. They may be ungrounded and have their heads in the clouds. They may struggle to be on time or commit to plans.

They may be obsessive about spiritual matters and neglect the physical realm. This can take the form of spiritual bypassing, which is using spiritual teachings to suppress human emotions or unresolved issues.

Techniques To Balance The Crown Chakra

Techniques to balance the crown chakra include grounding into your body, calming the mind, and being in silence.

Grounding into your body can be done from putting your bare feet on the earth, visualizing rooting into the earth, practicing yoga, and all the way to working out. These techniques will bring someone who is retreating into the spiritual plane to a balanced space between the spiritual and the physical.

Opening the crown chakra can be seen as actively surrendering and trusting in the divine.

Spiritual Effects Of Silence

When we make time to be in silence, turn off our tv and phone, we create space for what may be gathering within our busied mind to organize itself. Meaning, suppressed emotions can surface so that they can be worked through.

The silence gives our thoughts a chance to not only catch up and sort through what is no longer serving us but to rest. When our mind rests, our infinite wisdom is able to shine through more easily.

This is why with daily meditation practices one can find profound clarity within themselves. This taking time to be in silence will balance and heal the crown chakra.

Journal Prompts To Balance The Crown Chakra

This journal prompts offer you the ability to explore your unconscious. You may be able to discover blockages you have within your crown chakra, learn how to better support yourself, and maybe where you may want to change your approach to life. To begin this journey find or create a space where you feel comfortable and can think without being interrupted. Then let’s dive in.

  • How do I define love?
  • How do I honor my intuition?
  • Do I feel supported by a higher power?
  • In what ways do I try to control life?
  • How can I surrender to life?

Heal All Seven Chakras

Through listening to our chakra system and what it is telling us, we have the potential to miraculously self-heal. It is a sacred system you are currently reading about and you can connect to each one of them through meditation music.

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