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What Are Mudras? An Ancient Tool Explained

Mudras are ancient tools that can help deepen your yoga practice and amplify the effects of your meditation. If you are wondering exactly what they are we have got some answers for you.

Where Do Mudras Come From?

Mudras are a specific position of the body often only involving the hands or fingers. They are used ritualistically and symbolically to channel the body’s energy flow. They are used in meditation, dance, and extensively in yoga.

They do not have a specific origin, but they have been prominent within the religions of Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. They have also been prominent within Indian classical dance.

They are used within Buddhist and Hindu rituals and often the Buddha is depicted with different mudras such as Abhaya, Bhumisparsha, and Dhyana mudra.

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What Do You Use Mudras For?

As stated earlier mudras are used to direct the body’s energy flow which is the same basis behind yoga, qi gong, reiki, and meditation as well. Mudras are most commonly used during meditation to create certain effects and bring one into a deeper state of harmony.

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In yoga, the physical aspect, the asana practice, involves positioning your body in different positions to open the energy channels and direct the flow of apana and prana. For those of you who don’t know prana is like qi, it is the life force energy residing within all life itself.

Apana is the downward moving energy flow that is responsible for guiding our release, elimination, and goes along with the exhale of our breath. This is while prana is the upward flowing energy and is related to the inhalation and the intake of energy.

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How To Get Started Using Mudras?

Working with mudras during your meditation practice can help you amplify your intention, gain clarity, and release blockages with ease. You can incorporate these with pranayama techniques that work to extend the breath as well as the life force energy, or prana within you.

Find Fluidity

This mudra is for the water element. Water teaches us about fluidity, surrender, and creativity. It is related to the sacral chakra and feminine energy. Extend the pinky to touch the thumb while allowing the three remaining fingers to be straight.

Mudra For Focus

Looking to find focus in your meditation practice? The Dhyana mudra that the Buddha is often seen holding can be of use to you. To perform this mudra place the left hand in your lap with the palm up, then rest the back of the right hand in it and touch your thumbs together.

Energize Your Soul

The Prana mudra activates the inactive or dormant energy within your body, this removes blockages, clears stagnation, and will encourage fresh new prana to flood the body. Bring the ring and pinky finger to meet the thumb. Extend both the index and middle finger long

It is recommended to find a quiet space where you can be in a deep-seated internal focus while working with this mudra.

Get Started Meditating

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