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Beeja Meditation, Possibly The Key Practice For A Busy Mind

Beeja meditation is a meditation focusing upon the anchoring point of a Beeja mantra. If you don’t know, a mantra is sacred sounds used to transport the speaker to higher levels of consciousness by rewiring subconscious thoughts, clearing illusion, and dissolving limiting beliefs.

How Do Beeja Mantras Work

When mantras are chanted, spoken, or thought they work to attune the speaker to the unique vibration of the mantra. Each mantra holds its own teaching, meaning, and healing state.

When we create sound or even think we create a vibration that affects and impacts everything around us. This is the basis of the law of attraction. Quantum physicists have found that everything in our existence is vibrating. Meaning our own body gives off a vibration.

When we work with mantras we begin to attune ourselves to the healing of the mantra. Each Beeja mantra differs from other mantras that hold multiple words. Beeja mantras hold an entire specific meaning and teaching within its single syllable.

Beeja mantras are also known as Vedic Seed mantras or Bija mantras and are in the language of Vedic Sanskrit. The vibration we resonate at comes into harmony through meditating upon mantras.

The law of entrainment states when two frequencies are exposed to each other they will begin to harmonize. It has been shown that the lower one will actually rise to match the higher one. This speaks of how mantras can uplift our consciousness.

How Does Beeja Meditation Work

Often times with meditation as we try to reach higher states of consciousness or produce deeper effects we complicate the practice rather than simplify it. The key to focusing a busy mind or bursting through another veil of illusion is to develop a connection to your practice.

When we use a basic technique that we can lose ourselves in without thinking of too many moving pieces then we can really use that practice as a vehicle to spiritually awaken.

How do you know if you’ve already had a spiritual awakening? This article can help you answer that. You may not know this, but water is an incredible conduit for sound. You can see this within chladni plates.

Since our body is made up mostly of water, we are especially impacted by the vibrations of sound. We can then use this to our benefit and realign ourselves to self-heal.

To reap the full benefits of a mantra you need to use it intentionally and stick to using it on a regular basis for a prolonged length of time. This will give your mind time to attune to its teaching as well as reprogram limiting beliefs.

How To Perform Beeja Meditation

Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can maintain focus with minimal external distractions. You can practice Beeja meditation in multiple ways. The most powerful way would be chanting. Learn about the benefits of chanting here.

Other ways can be upon mentally speaking the Beeja mantra upon exhale during meditation. Allow your mind to fully sink into following the syllables and becoming lost in the full mindfulness and presence of the mantra.

It is perfect for the busy mind because there are enough moving parts of sounding the mantra that it can capture your focus. On the other side, it is simple enough it can create a gentle sensory deprivation through a deep focus upon the mantra.

Chakra Beeja Mantras

The chakras vibrate at a certain frequency when they are in balance. You can chant or speak the Beeja mantras that match each chakra in order to open, balance, and program your chakras to be open and in alignment.

Each of the seven chakras has its own Beeja mantra that can link you directly to the energy of the chakra at its peak state. You can also follow along to youtube videos or songs of the chakra seed mantras and meditate to it.

You can use these sounds in repetition or go through the entire chakra system. Try saying each one for two minutes and take note of how you feel afterward. You can also bring your focus to the area of the chakra you are chanting.

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