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Accessing Your Akashic Records Through Prayer and Meditation

This post is Part II of our Beginner’s Guide to the Akashic Records. In the last post, we gave an overview of what the Akashic Records are, and in this post we’ll go into more detail on how you can access your records for yourself.

How To Enter Your Akashic Records: Relaxation and Focus

As I’ve already discussed, everyone has the ability to access his or her own records. There’s no need to feel like you have to rely on another person to help you, nor even to fixate on a certain set of steps or props.

The only thing you need to do is to relax and focus. The only thing you need to start leveraging your intuitive guidance is a clear mind and focused intent. While this might not happen the first time you try, with practice, and an open, loving intention, you will be able to access your akashic records. It’s easier than you think.

Come from a Place of Love and Balance

As you prepare to ask for intuitive guidance, perhaps the most important step you can take is to make sure that you approach the process from a state of love and balance.

One of the biggest obstacles for people trying to enter the records is that they feel a sense of fear, urgency, or desperation about the questions they want to ask. This is counterproductive, and will only restrict your ability to receive the answers you seek, since when you are fearful the conscious mind dominates your thoughts with unnecessary chatter. If this happens to you, try this technique to stop thinking while meditating.

You can prepare yourself by taking the time to quiet your mind, and raise your vibration to a state of ease, peace, and love, before beginning to ask questions to your guides.

Use Visualizations

Once you are relaxed, the next core component is your focus. To center your mind and set a clear intention of entering the records, many people find it helps to use visualizations.

You can use the library metaphor we discussed in the last post, or any ‘safe-space’ visualization you might use in your meditation practice. If you have a consistent scene you use during meditation, such as a tranquil beach, forest, or home, you might want to start by visualizing that scene, and then begin to ask questions of your guides.

There is no one specific ‘thing’ to visualize, and you don’t need to create a strict routine to receive guidance. However, if having that routine, and focusing your mind in this way, helps you to relax, you’ll have a better chance of meeting your spirit guides.

Prepare Key Questions Beforehand

Before you begin your meditation, you might also consider listing the key questions you want to ask.

Writing the questions out beforehand, or even just thinking them silently to yourself before you start your meditation, helps to center and prepare your mind to receive guidance. Having clear questions represents your intention, and can serve as a further point of focus.

If this is your first time working with the akashic records, it can be tempting to have a long list of questions you want answered. Focus on one or two questions to start. As you gain familiarity with the process, you can become more comfortable asking multiple questions in a single session, and let your energy guide you to the right questions in that moment.

Remember, you can ALWAYS ask more questions, so there’s no rush to try to get everything done in a single session.

Akashic Records Meditation and Guided Hypnosis

One technique you can use to help you access your records is to use a guided akashic records meditation.

Using a guided recording can help you to relax more deeply (and you can even find an akashic records hypnosis recording if you want to explore even more deeply), and thus help you get out of your own way long enough to begin receiving guidance for yourself.

Akashic Records Prayer

In her book, How To Read The Akashic Records, Linda Howe advocates using a specific pathway prayer to open the gates of the records. Reciting this prayer silently or aloud can help to frame your mind to receive guidance from your soul.

Opening Prayer
And so we do acknowledge the Forces of Light
Asking for guidance, direction, and courage to know the Truth
As it is revealed for our highest good and the highest good of
Everyone connected to us.

Oh Holy Spirit of God,
Protect me from all forms of self-centeredness
And direct my attention to the work at hand.

Help me to know (myself) in the Light of the Akashic Records,
To see (myself) through the eyes of the Lords of the Records,
And enable me to share the wisdom and compassion that the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones of (me) have for (me).
The Records are now open.

After you finish the opening prayer, you are ready to ask any questions of your guides you choose. Wait patiently for a response and, when you are finished, you can recite the closing prayer either silently or aloud.

Closing Prayer
I would like to thank the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones for their love and compassion.
I would like to thank the Lords of the Akashic Records for their point of view.
And I would like to thank the Holy Spirit of Light for all knowledge and healing.
The Records are now closed. Amen. 
The Records are now closed. Amen.
The Records are now closed. Amen.

In the next post, we’ll talk about how to get an akashic records reading, and the last post of the series will discuss how to understand and follow your intuition.

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