Prepaving Your Future Manifestations – Abraham Hicks

If you’ve been listening to Abraham for a while, you’ve probably heard mention of the process of pre-paving.

This process is confusing for a lot of people, so in this post I want to take a few minutes to explain exactly what prepaving is, and how you can use it to manifest your desires.

What Is Prepaving?

Create in advance by prepaving, more than trying to fix things that are broken, because when you’re trying to fix one of those 9 things that isn’t going very well, you’re off in the reeds.

Abraham Hicks

Prepaving is not difficult.

SImply put, it is the process of getting ready to move into alignment with your desire, by easing intense negativity and moving into a more neutral place. If you’re an Abraham fan, you’ve probably heard Abraham say things like: “You need to get ready to get ready to get ready to get ready to get ready…”

That’s pre-paving. It’s the process you do whenever you have a desire that, no matter how you think about it, nor what other processes you try, you just can’t seem to get into a good-feeling space. Every thought about that goal makes you feel low energy, either because it’s something that’s really important to you, or something that you don’t believe you can manifest anytime soon.

In other words: Prepaving is the work to do when you’re aware you’ve got some resistance you want to get rid of.

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How To Prepave Your Grid

You have two basic routes to take:

Step 1: Get Really General

Imagine into the future, and imagine it being more the way you want it to be, but be really, really, general.

Abraham Hicks

The first option available to you is to start moving into more and more general thoughts. If it feels bad to think about your desire, think about the general idea of it. Think about how it’s possible for others so it must be possible for you, or think that even though you’re not anywhere close to having it yet, you do think that, at some point, it could be realistic.

Going general is important because general thoughts slow momentum. When you’re in a bad state of mind, you need to move up the emotional guidance scale by slowing the negative momentum you already have before you can move into a more positive state. As you move more and more general, the intensity of your thoughts soften, and you become more neutral, which then prepaves the way for more positive thoughts about what you want.

If that still doesn’t work, move on to the second option…

Step 2: Focus On What Is Already Working Out

Go general on everything that doesn’t feel very good, and then be as specific as you can be on the things that feel really good.

Abraham Hicks

The other option is to focus on something that is going well for you, even if that seems to be completely unrelated to your desire.

Remember: it’s the energy that’s important, not the subject. As you focus on anything, literally anything, that feels good, you prepare your emotional grid for every desire that you have.

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