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How To Manifest Someone To Contact You

Everything is energy and our thoughts create our reality which is why we can implement their effect to create the reality we want. This includes manifesting a specific person to call or text you.

It is entirely possible to attract someone to contact you. Here we are going to break down the steps and concepts to help you manifest the reality you desire.

Harmonize With The Frequency

The foundation of the law of attraction is that everything is energy and to understand this you must understand that even the mental concept of a text or call from this person is energy. The beliefs you hold around it and the lens you view it through effect the way your reality is molded.

It is also worth considering that when you view this person contacting you as out of place, not likely, or hard to actually happen you are energetically repelling it. This happens even when it is due to your subconscious beliefs influencing you.

Releasing beliefs or habits that are in dissonance with the text or call’s energy you are looking to welcome into your energy field are key. What you must focus on is amplifying all that which is harmonious to the frequency them contacting you is on.

In some way, the fact that you are already thinking about this person and envisioning yourself connecting with them means that you already have an energetic connection formed with them. This connection is harmonious enough to even produce a connection between you two within the mental realm.

Are you wondering how the law of attraction aligns and works with faith? Read more about it here, which you can apply towards manifesting someone to text you.

You can define this mental connection though the fact you are reading this article right now and thinking about them contacting you. This can confirm that you are at least on a basic level in harmony with this energy since you are thinking about it.

Make Your Beliefs Magnetizing

Now how do we amplify this connection you have to this person contacting you? We are going to work on making your beliefs magnetic for the reality you desire.

Dissecting our subconscious beliefs and motives through shadow work such as journaling and self-reflective practices can help bring all of the energy we are producing into harmony rather than scattered.

Remember the closer you come to your authentic and true self then the more you attract and manifest that is in harmony with (or made for) your true self.

This means when you trust that what will be meant for you can never be missed and you surrender to the fullest expression of yourself you allow that which brings you the highest amount of joy to manifest in your life.

You can use Byron Katie’s technique for self-reflection and coming into harmony with the current state of life.

Law of Attraction Techniques

Below we will name 2 two different law of attraction techniques you can perform to manifest a specific person to contact you. These all work hand in hand with the work and concepts described above.


When using scripting to manifest the practice is to write out your reality as if what you are looking to manifest has already happened. It is like writing a script to your life that you will then live out. Learn all about using scripting to manifest here.


The attitude of gratitude is a powerful manifestor. When you tap into it, it begins like a snowball gathering more and more momentum to keep attracting that which matches the frequency of you feeling grateful.

You can practice meditating for 5 to 10 minutes on the gratitude you would feel after the specific person contacts you. Allow yourself to soak into the emotion fully and let go of any feelings of deep yearning or bitterness.

Learn more gratitude techniques here.

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  1. Your Darling Angel

    All of these tips are actually true! I liked someone way back 2014 and guess what, it’s 2020 and we’re already together! It took me 6 long years before I applied manifestation. But you really really really have to believe you deserve that person!

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