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Everything To Know About Law of Attraction Goal Planners

We understand you’ve got big dreams. Of course, in order to reach them, you have to take one step at a time. Although these steps can be easier and quicker when you consciously work with the law of attraction while planning your goals.

The Law of Attraction Explained

Quantum physicists explain how everything in the world is made up of energy. The particles vibrate at different frequencies which create what we perceive as our physical world.

Our belief system, our emotions, and our words are all energy as well. We attract what we are in a sense. No matter how many times we say I am abundant, if we focus on lacking money, believing making money is hard and possibly feeling disappointed at our funds then do not match that reality.

In its essence, what we focus on we send out into the universe and attract. Our thoughts and words create ripples of energy and attract the underlying essence behind them.

The law of attraction is the way in which we create our own reality The more you consciously direct your attention and emotions the more you will come to see the potency that resides within them. Find a beginners guide to manifesting with your mind here.

The Law of Attraction and Your Goals

Whether you have worked with a goal planner already or not you have definitely set mental goals before. That is because directing your focusing into goals helps to manifest your desires into reality.

When you have big dreams taking the time to focus on the goals it takes to get there is necessary to make it happen. By writing out your goals you being to create the first physical manifestation of them on paper.

You direct your energy towards creating this goal in the physical as well as centering any wants and desires into actualizing its outcome. When we take the time to set goals and connect to the energy behind them, the more that we can visualize achieving our end goal.

When we do that we become more of a vibrational match to the goal and begin attracting it. Find out more about the power of visualization here.

When we have brought an idea into directed focus we can then begin to actualize its existence. Similar to a regular goal planner, a law of attraction goal planner, will help you achieve your goals holistically.

Law of Attraction Goal Planner

The way this differs from a normal goal planner is you will get in touch with the true essence of your goals first. This works to stop yourself from blocking the manifestations of your goal by becoming attached to specifics and forgetting your reason why.

It is possible that we box ourselves in by setting very specific goals or rather box out the route our goals can come to us through. The most potent way to manifest is by connecting to the energy behind the goal.

This was you allow the universe to find the right channel to bring you the energy you are looking for. For example if you are looking to change your job to a more satisfying one in a new location.

Be specific about the details you are not willing to change such as a location you need to move to. Then allow yourself to maintain openness as much as you can.

Such as leaving the goal of a more satisfying job rather than focusing on a specific job that you don’t feel a wholehearted yes on.

Tips To Create Your Own Law of Attraction Planner

If you are ready to begin writing a law of attraction planner follow your guidance and incorporate these tips below as feel right to you. You can also order a law of attraction goal planner such as this one here.

1. Outline Your Focus

Paint the picture of what you want. What is the feeling underneath your goals that you want? Allow yourself to fully tap into the emotional goal here.

By tapping into the emotion behind your goals you tap into the essence of it. You begin to open the doorways of unlimited potential. You can amplify your magnetism for this desire by connecting to the feeling behind it rather than one of the forms it can take.

2. Create Energy Momentum

Make a list of tasks that come to mind that you can do to keep yourself in alignment with your goal. An important task to include is one way you can connect to the energy of your goal at the start of your day.

This can be taking 10 minutes in the morning to visualize your goal being achieved, saying affirmations (such as these for financial abundance), or even meditating so that you can start your day as a clear vessel.

Then, of course, write anything that helps you physically support this goal. To follow our previous example this could be looking at jobs online and researching only the ones that spark your inspiration.

You can reflect back on this list each week and make adjustments as you feel would benefit you. By starting first with the energy you desire that lies behind your goal you will not stray off of your true purpose.

This opens you up to your underlying desires energetically instead of guiding you to be attached to action steps.

Get more inspiration for how to work with the law of attraction through these podcasts.

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