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The Powerful Daily Routine For Manifesting with The Law of Attraction

Have you been working with the law of attraction, but haven’t been seeing the results you want? Well, if you’re ready to dive into aligning yourself with the reality you desire then get ready to start incorporating this into your daily routine for manifestation.

Morning Manifestation

Before we get started on creating a morning manifestation routine for you, know that developing a routine is a key component to many successful people’s lives such as Tony Robbins. Therefore, adopt this routine however you need to in order for you to stick with it.

When you first wake up you are still in theta state brainwaves. This is where you can more easily tap into your subconscious mind and absorb information as your senses are drawn more inwards.

To benefit the most from this you can set a gentle alarm on your phone so that you remain in theta rather than waking up abruptly into alpha state from a screeching alarm. As you are starting to wake up visualize your day how you want it to go.

You can also visualize the desires you aspire to manifest. Remember to visualize it happening currently to you and to feel the joy you would feel as if you were living it. Learn more about making visualization work for you here.

After you have spent at least 10 minutes visualizing then you can begin with affirmations. Your choice to either say them out loud or write them, you can even switch this up depending on what feels the most enriching to you each day as there is a benefit to both.

Next, if you haven’t grabbed your journal yet go ahead so that you can write down 10 things you are grateful for. This will tap you into the attitude of gratitude after the affirmations you used which will help you shift fully into a state of being thankful for these affirmations manifesting.

This is now a great time to go into a meditation practice. If you do not have one already you can try Wayne Dyer’s morning manifestation meditation. Meditation helps you release distracting thoughts so you can better focus on your manifestations.

Now, one more thing to incorporate in the morning and that is moving your body. The important aspect of this is to cultivate feelings of joy, motivation, and happiness while doing so.

If you dread moving your body and you do so while feeling negative then this creates that energy of dread in your physical realm. Try dancing for 10 minutes, a 20-minute gentle yoga session, or a full workout with a smile. After you’ve brought your joy into your physical body you can get started with your day.

Reminders Throughout The Day

When you are headed to work consider listening to law of attraction podcasts to keep you in the mental space of remembering the power of your thoughts. Now, throughout your day to keep you in the rhythm of manifestation, we will use reminders.

Use these reminders to shift your emotional state to the state you desire so that you can let go of resistance and remain in a mind space of gratitude and optimism that will not block your manifestations.

You can do this by setting alarms on your phone and whenever they go off, take 2 minutes to repeat affirmations or visualize what will bring you into a mental space of joy. Another time flexible task you can use to cultivate more abundance coming your way is through random acts of kindness.

Byron Katie speaks about this game that she taught to her kids. The goal is to do something nice for somebody and not let anyone find out about it. If they do find out it was you, it doesn’t count and you have to restart. The kindness you send out through this practice is sure to ricochet back to you.

Evening Practice

After your day is completed and you are laying in bed, Neville Goddard gives a great technique to use. He says you should visualize the parts of your day that didn’t go how you hoped they would going a different way that would make you happy.

This helps you release feelings of disappointment, align yourself to be a vibrational match of the outcome you desired, as well as tap you into gratitude as you fall asleep so you can continue to manifest what makes you happy as you sleep.

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