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How To Use Reiki With The Law of Attraction

Reiki comes from the Japan from sensei, Mikao Usui, who created the Usui Reiki System in the early 1920s. This technique has started to become popular among holistic healers in the west and can be used to work with the law of attraction!

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic healing technique that works directly in the energy field in order to bring energy in harmony. This creates profound healing effects within people emotionally, spiritually, and physically!

When applied to situations, desires, and problems, Reiki which again works in the energetic field will remove stagnation and disharmony from it in order to raise its vibration and bring it into harmony.

To practice Reiki, one must attend a Reiki attunement class which can be found in your local area or can even be completed online. The most important aspect of choosing a Reiki teacher is using your intuition in order to feel who is the right fit for your soul’s evolution.

Techniques For Using Reiki To Manifest

The energy of Reiki can really be used for success and healing for any goal. Whether you are using Reiki to attract someone, Reiki for money, or even Reiki for success at work then know that it is just as versatile as you are.

Using Reiki for achieving goals is a tool everyone should have in their box. We at our core are naturally creators. To learn more about working with the law of attraction, click here.

Use Reiki To Integrate A Positive Belief System

For an added depth to this technique perform this standing in front of the mirror how you would do Louise Hay’s mirror work. State affirmations about money even ones that you do not fully feel yourself belief, but you would like to believe.

You can use statements such as: I deserve money, money comes to me easily and in avalanches, money is good, my passions create money, and even use specific affirmations as well.

While you are doing this send Reiki throughout your entire chakra system. The way this technique works is to release blockages and resistances that surface when you affirm these statements.

This means you can directly address beliefs that limit you and heal what deep roots are holding you back. While receiving the energy of Reiki you are in an energetically receptive state which helps you integrate the positive beliefs around money.

This technique is especially great for using Reiki for abundance and money due to the deep-seated beliefs we have surrounding money. This topic is something Neale Donald Walsch covers when he talks about money. You can, however, adapt the affirmations used here to use Reiki for manifesting any desire

Reiki Manifestation Triangle

This technique we cover quite in-depth in this article here. Simplified there are 2 versions you can do depending on if you have been attuned as to Reiki level 2 or not because it requires the Reiki symbols you become attuned to at that level.

Grab a piece of paper and draw a triangle. Write the person’s name the manifestation is for in the bottom left corner, the current situation or problem to heal in the right corner, and the desired outcome/manifestation at the top of the triangle.

Then when you are ready place Reiki into the triangle to release any blockages holding you back from this reality and to bring this reality into harmony with the person you are manifesting it for. You can use this technique to use Reiki to attract someone or find success at work.

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