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How To Manifest Love and Attract Your Soulmate

We all want to find the perfect love. So why is it that some people seem to fall effortlessly into their dream relationship, while others struggle to attract a soulmate?

The answer has everything to do with the energy you hold.

The Law of Attraction states that we can only manifest people in our lives who are a match to the vibrational energy that we hold. That means that you can’t manifest an ideal, “perfect” person, if you yourself are struggling.

Not only that, but you can’t be desperate to meet the right person immediately. Often, when we’re hyperfocused on achieving a goal, we are actually emitting more of a vibration of lack than of abundance. That feeling of “never finding the right person” or “being stuck” keeps us just out of reach of connecting with a soulmate.

So, if you:

  • Are tired of being single
  • Always get stuck in bad relationships, or
  • Are wondering why your perfect match hasn’t manifested yet,

Then this post is for you. Here are 3 steps you can take right now to put you on the right path.

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Journaling to Manifest Love

The first step to manifesting romance and finding the love of your life is to start a manifestation journal about it.

Journaling is an effective tool that can help with any manifestation, but only if done well. Instead of daydreaming about someone, use your journaling time to clarify and identify what the most important characteristics of your soulmate ate.

But, don’t focus on specific at this stage. Keep the ideas general.

For example, don’t write that you’re looking for a 6 foot tall lawyer with dark brown hair and six-pack abs who wants to visit Rome and likes Thai food.

Instead, focus on the general qualities of the person. For example, you might focus on how you want someone kind, intelligent, ambitious, or adventurous.

It’s ok to write examples of what those qualities mean to you – you might write about how you want someone you can explore the world with, or see yourself visiting exotic destinations – but the key is to not get too attached to the details.

If you’re struggling with this step, you can ask yourself:

Is it important that the person actually does this, or do I want the type of person who would do something like that?

To use the example above, that might look like:

  • Is it important that my dream romantic partner is actually a lawyer? Or,
  • Do I simply want someone who is smart and ambitious, with a good job?

Making that distinction helps you to focus on what really matters to you, so you become more attached to the quality you seek in a person, and less attached to the specific detail about them.

Using Visualization and Scripting to Manifest a Specific Person

Once you take time to journal about what you want to manifest in your soulmate, the next step is to use visualization and scripting to make that vision more concrete.

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At this stage, it’s ok to become much more specific about your dream relationship. But, you’re not listing qualities in the person, you’re becoming specific about the outcome – dream events and experiences you would like to have.

If you want someone who loves to travel, for example, you can visualize what it would feel like to take a romantic trip to Mexico, or go on honeymoon in Southeast Asia.

Use your imagination to walk yourself through the experience. Feel yourself enjoying spending time on the beach, or hiking that mountain.

Focus on the good-feeling aspects of what you want. Notice how, as you do this, you aren’t actually imagining a specific person. You’re imaging a specific feeling you want to have, and the type of person who will help you to feel that feeling.

You can do this process either by sitting with your eyes closed, as in a meditation, or by scripting out specific scenarios in your journal.

That’s how you start to move your energy to attract the right love into your life.

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Raising Your Energy to Attract Your Soulmate

Once you are clear on what you are looking for and the feelings you want to experience, it’s time to focus on you.

If you’re going to manifest a romantic love, you first have to put yourself into a high energy state of mind.

This requires you to do 3 things:

  1. Step Back and Quiet The Mind.
  2. Become Aware of Your Thoughts.
  3. Choose a Better-Feeling Thought.

This simple, 3-step process is the key to raising your energy on any subject, at any time.

The trick is to understand that you have within you an effortless, natural state of joy. As you go about your day, you block yourself from this joy.

Stepping back, quieting the mind, and noticing your thoughts helps you to become more aware of how your energy moves with you throughout the day, and the small actions you can take to shift that energy into a more positive state.

The first two steps above are examples of how you can start to do this, but if you’re serious about attracting your soulmate into your life, you need to put your own happiness – your own energy – first.

Only when you feel positive and carefree will The Law of Attraction start to bring you more of the desires you really want.

Shifting into this higher state of energy does not have to be difficult. When you join Happiness University, we teach you how to use that simple process to align with your joy and raise your energy, so you can become the calm, confident, and happy person you deserve to be.

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