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Scripting Manifestation The Technique That Will Change Your Life

Are you familiar with scripting? This law of attraction technique combines tapping into your ideal vision, stimulating those pent up feelings of joy just waiting to be expressed, and putting it all down on paper.

What Is Scripting For Manifestation?

The practice of scripting for manifestation is using writing as a law of attraction technique. It involves writing an excerpt of how your life will go as if it has already happened.

This practice works to provide clarification into the details of your dreams. It is an amazing practice as it brings you to bask in the feelings you would feel after having lived your dream basically, therefore, accelerating the rate at which you will have manifested living your dreams.

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There are some scripting manifestation rules fo follow in order to capitalize on the manifestation potentiality living within your writing. Here are some scripting manifestation examples that can help you envision how you can get started.

If you are scripting to manifest money this is what it may look like: “WOW! I am bursting with excitement for the upcoming show. I have just gotten home from my third day of working at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. The director is supportive and kind. She told me that I am nailing the main role of Christine. I was hitting the high octave I used to struggle with beautifully. It was such a great feeling to accomplish and even the whole cast congratulated me on that at the end of practice.”

This gives you an idea that a scripting manifestation rule to follow is to write with the genuine emotion you would actually feel as if you were writing it in the future having lived the dream you currently have.

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Include the small details and involve as many senses as you can. The more real you can make it feel the more potent it acts as a manifestation technique. If you will be scripting to manifest a specific person/relationship then here is a scripting manifestation example for you:

This morning I woke up holding her in my arms. I felt so at peace and I can’t believe the most beautiful girl was in my bed this morning. When she opened her eyes and saw me she had the biggest sleepy smile on her face and she couldn’t wait to kiss me. We cuddled almost too long in bed before getting up and starting the day in a love-drunk haze.”

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Scripting Manifestation Techniques

One technique to use for scripting is to write out your entire day from when you wake up. This helps you to acquire and add in all the details you might normally pass over if you started midday.

You will really start to feel yourself embody this mindset as you spend more time writing as well as learn about what it is you truly want. You can play with writing in the present or past tense (meaning already having manifested this). Choose whichever tense brings you more joy to write in as your emotional state is the main spark for manifestation.

More Law of Attraction Techniques

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