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3 Law of Attraction Techniques That Work Instantly

With these three law of attraction techniques you can begin manifesting instantaneously.

Simplified, The Law of Attraction is the universal law that what you place your focus on, you will attract into your life.

One immediate way to begin creating your dream reality with the law of attraction is by choosing an optimistic mindset. Your thoughts create a ripple effect and directly impact your reality. In this blog post is three techniques to focus your attention and manifest with the law of attraction.

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Techniques for manifesting with the law of attraction

The power within these law of attraction techniques remains within the intentional and focused way you use them. These sacred tools may seem basic, but they hold a powerful gateway with which you can create your own physical reality.

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Use Affirmations to Attract Your Desires

Positive affirmations work to strengthen your perspectives and belief in yourself. Repetitive affirmations will begin to circulate in your subconscious and reprogram your neuropathways.

This exercise alone will begin to bring positive effects into your physical reality.

Technique: Record yourself speaking affirmations, worded as if your desires are already attained in this present moment. Try speaking these statements in the tone of voice and emotions you actually would use if this were your current reality.

Make sure to build up the full range of excitement and gratitude that you would truly experience in this scenario.

Repeat these affirmations in first person, second person, and third person ( i.e. I am financially stable, You are financially stable, Rachel is financially stable). After recording your affirmations, play the recording back and try to focus on feeling these words as your truth.

An additional layer to this practice is through listening to your own voice speak these affirmations, you can more easily envision yourself living them.

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Journal to Create Your Dreams

Journaling is another powerful technique to manifest immediately with the law of attraction.

Writing on paper is one of the first ways we can bring a thought into physical from. It takes more time to write than to speak, which, through this intentional effort puts more energetic momentum behind this medium of manifesting. 

Technique: Write for 10 to 15 minutes what you are grateful for. Include both what you are already currently grateful for and what you would like to call into your life through the law of attraction.

Remember one of the most powerful tools for manifesting is through your emotions. With this in mind, journal what you would like to manifest as if you are already experiencing it and are list all the ways you are grateful for it. Do not hold back any excitement you feel arise while writing.

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Stay Open to Manifest Instantly

One of the most effective and necessary techniques to manifest remains not specifically within the ways to speak it into existence, but on the other end of the spectrum, removing the ways you are blocking it.

You are planting energy into motion through these prior techniques and these seedlings need time and space to sprout. If through doubt you dig up your seedlings to see if they have begun to grow, you will have then destroyed whatever root systems had started to form.

Another side to staying open resides within the mind and the passageway through which it allows the universe to manifest your desires. Through keeping an open mind and not articulating judgments, you allow the universe space to work its magic!

Technique: Before taking any physical steps to actualize your aspirations, investigate if you are taking these steps out of the emotions of worry or excitement.

If you are taking your initiative out of a place of worry or powering through tasks out of fear, take a moment to shift your mental and emotional state to where you will be taking initiative out of enjoyment instead. This can be through a simple meditation or by listening to your recorded affirmations as well.

When you are creating from feeling fully in alignment with your values you will attain what you crave and you will be showing the universe you want a reality that is a vibrational match to you following your values. 

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