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How To Use Meditation For Manifestation

Wondering how effective it is to use meditation for manifesting abundance? The answer is not only extremely effective, but it is an essential aspect to manifestation itself. Ready to learn about how you can use meditation to manifest your desires? Keep reading, we got you covered!

If you are not familiar with the law of attraction, the force behind manifestation, then learn more about it here. Understanding its functionality is an important prerequisite before reading further.

Why Does Meditation Help You Manifest Your Desires?

Meditation comes with numerous benefits from calming the mind and strengthening the immune system to reprogramming your mindset and habits to release what has been holding you back.

With the controlled focus a meditation practice teaches you, you will be able to more easily focus upon your desires. You will be less distracted by doubt or feelings of lack. This equates to sending more energy towards manifesting your desires.

Fine-tuning the focus of the mind with meditation ricochets into your emotional body, your belief system, and even your physiology. This means meditating can bring your body, mind, and spirit into alignment with manifesting abundance.

Meditation For Manifesting Abundance, How Do You Do It?

As you reach higher levels of consciousness throughout meditation you raise your vibration. As the law of attraction simplified states like attracts like, then as you come deeper into feelings of peace and gratitude you will undoubtfully attract situations that make you feel this way.


When manifestation is at play, then the more senses of yours you can bring to feel like you are living the reality you desire then the more you make yourself a match to that reality.

Visualization meditations are one of the most basic and impactful styles of meditation for manifestation. This is because you fully immerse yourself within your desire throughout the journey of the meditation. Try these 3 visualization techniques for manifesting success.


Gratitude and the law of attraction go hand in hand. You can meditate upon gratitude in multiple ways. We will cover two main techniques to manifest your goals with meditation.

The first technique is tapping into the gratitude you would feel after having received the abundance you were looking for. Neville Goddard, the law of attraction teacher, speaks about how feeling is the secret to manifestation.

Your prayer must be answered if you assume the feeling that would be yours were you already in possession of your objective

Neville Goddard

Therefore, the manifestation of your prayer or desire requires you to embody the feelings of having what you desire, and then your external reality will come to match it. The other technique we will cover for manifesting with gratitude is a bit more detailed.

This practice merges where you are and the reality you want to be in. That would be the reality in which your goal is manifested. To begin, think about the blockages that are stopping you from manifesting.

Then come to picture the reality where everything works out perfectly and you have manifested your success. How do you feel? How do you act? What do the blockages look like in this reality?

Now, come to see a place that exists within both realities. This can be in your car parked out of a grocery store or your mother’s house. Come to this place, but remain in the reality that has your desire manifested.

Learn more about how gratitude and works with the law of attraction here.

Feel the feelings you would have here naturally. For instance, although you are not currently inside your mansion while sitting in your mother’s house waves of joy wash over you in this reality for finally having saved enough money to buy the mansion.

Maybe you would appreciate the food your mom cooks more than you normally would due to your excitement. Allow all the feelings of gratitude that naturally circulate from living in the reality of your desire.

Stay here as long as you would like, before merging the desired reality fully. When you are ready, see your desire. For instance, this can be driving home to your mansion or checking your bank account.

This time again let the feelings of gratitude soak through you. This meditation practice will bring your mind to more easily wrap your brain around acquiring and living your goals.

The Zero State

Meditating upon emptiness or the zero state clears yourself as a vessel so that which you desire is not blocked by fear, attachment, or busy thoughts. Single-pointed focus meditations can help to hone in on a surrendered and empty mind space.

Ready To Dive Fully Into Meditation and Manifestation?

If you want to learn more about how to work with manifestation and meditation we have a course ready to lead you into diving into this! Check out our abundance meditation program here.

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