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The “I Am” Discourses of St. Germain – Lessons and Affirmations

A compilation of Saint Germain’s lessons are composed within The I Am Discourses of Saint Germain. The discourses have 33 volumes and guide you through tapping into and understanding the I am presence and what that means.

Lessons From The I Am Discourses

One of the real lessons of The I Am Discourses is what do we identify with and who are we? Looking into this concept is a direct path to spiritual awakening because the roles we identify as colors the lens we look through.

Ther is this part of us that says I Am before the identity. Before we say I am happy, mad, a lawyer, or even a parent our foundation is I am. This stays throughout all of the identities we experience and attach to.

The root the discourses take us to is that through our personality beneath our identity, it is the divine and that we are god. This is the essence behind everything we do and even all the actions we take completely caught up in identifying with the physical realm.

Tapping into this place teaches us how to love unconditionally like god rather than limit ourselves to the human condition. The teachings focus on becoming intentional with what you say after I am as it is said, I am is god in action.

Your god essence sets into motion what you claim yourself as. This is similar to what Neville Goddard teaches within his work. This quote below is taken from his book Freedom For All which you can find a free PDF download of his ebook here.

Since what you identify with impacts your life, your perspective, and ultimately your experience we can choose to identify with the infinite source of god inside of us rather than disease and lack.

I Am Affirmations From The I Am Discourse of St. Germain

This is a brief list of I am affirmations from the I Am Discourse of St. Germain. When using I am you are sending pure consciousness and the essence of all creation towards the statement.

By claiming these with I am you are using the power of the mighty I am as it is referred to in the discourses. You may also enjoy our I am affirmations for financial and spiritual abundance.

  • I am the omnipresent all-powerful protecting intelligence governing this mind and body
  • I am the perfect intelligent activity within this mind and body
  • I am the only presence acting in my world
  • I am the illumination in this room
  • I am the invincible I am
  • I am the presence of divine harmony
  • I am the heart of god and I now bring forth ideas and accomplishments to change the world
  • I am always the majestic power of pure love that transcends every human concept
  • I am the limitless
  • I am the full comprehension and illumination of this thing I want to know and understand
  • I am the resurrection and the light
  • I am the open door which no man can shut
  • I am the mighty presence of God in action

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