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Job Interview? Nail It with The Law of Attraction

Job interviews can feel anxiety-provoking unless you are aware of how the law of attraction works. Then you can shift the fear to excitement. You are bound for success and these tips will make sure that even your cells know this!


Whenever the law of attraction is talked about, affirmations shortly follow. This is because what you affirm to yourself enough, you believe. What you believe you focus on and come into harmony with and then manifest.

Your inner dialogue is always running so let’s use it to your advantage. One of the most potent ways to work with affirmations is through mirror work. This is going to the mirror and looking at the reflection of you and speaking to yourself.

Why does this work as such an amplification for affirmations? That would be due to 2 factors. One, using your reflection causes you to affirm and integrate your statements in more ways due to seeing yourself speaking them and visually seeing yourself with this truth.

Secondly, it also makes you aware of any resistance you have to the statement quicker. If you notice your voice gets quieter or it feels more emotionally hollow when you say a certain statement then you can more quickly confront and recalibrate these parts of you to the affirmation through repetition.

Try these morning affirmations for success or even you are a badass at making money affirmations and workbook.

What Is Failure?

This question can bring you back to your center and clear up the blur of failure. The fear behind a job interview is failure, but what if you remembered you can’t fail?

Since you create your own reality and you are deciding to align with the right and fulfilling job for you, then any job that doesn’t accept you was never going to. When you are an energetic match, which you always are, the right job will accept you.

Remember that rejection is a blessing in disguise and opportunities are never taken away from you. Life is working to happen for you and not to you. This means even a perceived “failure” is pushing you in the right direction.

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Removing Limiting Beliefs

The universe is so intricately interconnected that when we grow and expand in one area it ripples into every other place in our life. This means where we are limiting ourselves we are doing so in every other place in our life in some regard.

By removing limiting beliefs around your job interview this actually helps you not only be more qualified for the job, but it benefits every other aspect of your life. You can do this through self-reflection and meditation.

Enjoy Your Reality

With (intentionally working with) the law of attraction up your sleeve you can relax into a seat of confidence when approaching your job interview. We all have heard confidence is one of the most attractive qualities and to future employers it shows them that you know you have what it takes to do the job and do it well.

When you trust and mentally reinforce that you will be hired for the right job all you have to do is be true to yourself to get it. So enjoy your reality and know you can go in there with confidence.

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