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The Questions You Will Have If You’re Working With The Law of Attraction

If you aren’t familiar with the law of attraction then you can check out our article here to find an introduction into manifesting with your mind. Then you can join us here where we will be answering the law of attraction questions that you have been waiting for.

Are There Any Secrets To The Law of Attraction?

If you are looking to manifest fast, there are a couple of aspects to incorporate in your approach to manifesting. Also, Neville Goddard, author of Feeling Is The Secret, as well as many others, shares a technique to manifesting that combines all the key ingredients manifestation techniques use.

SLEEP, the life that occupies one-third of our stay on earth, is the natural door into the subconscious

Neville Goddard

The technique involves involving the subconscious mind. You will perform it laying down and leaving the body in a still and comfortable position you can fall asleep in. Then you will be using your imagination like a script while drifting to sleep.

Visualize a scene that you want to live. Use all the sensations you can and feel it as real as possible. Allow yourself to drift into sleep while living this vision. If your mind drifts from the scene go back to the beginning and start again.

It does not matter how many times you do this, but complete the vision and hold it while you drift into sleep. It does not matter if you sleep for one minute or one hour. When you enter the dream state, the subconscious mind as Neville says, you will be able to anchor this manifestation fully into your reality.

Can You Use The Law of Attraction To Effect Your Physical Body?

Yes! Everything is made up of energy. This means your thoughts, your body, the dream job you want are all able to be effected through the law of attraction. Louise Hay is a perfect author to learn all about this from.

She explains how our thought and emotions even our belief system directly affects our physical health as well as extend outwards into all other areas of our life. She wrote the book You Can Heal Your Life which explains this in-depth.

On another note, you can use the law of attraction to lose weight. There is much more at play here, but simple when you start embodying the you that you are at your envisioned healthy dream weight then you will also begin to make choices that align with that reality as well.

From an energetic standpoint, you begin letting go of the beliefs and thoughts that tell you you aren’t at your ideal weight. With everything being energy, for some of us the negative thoughts we think about our body are a lot of excess weight to carry.

American Journal of Epidemiology published a study in 2009 that proved both women and men had a higher weight when they ranked higher on a score for anger, which is just continual proof that emotions really are stored within the body.

What Do I Need To Know About Using The Law of Attraction For Love?

First off, to clarify how the law of attraction works, when manifesting something externally (outside of yourself and in physical reality) it is simply a reflection of what is going on inside you (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and way you treat yourself). This is why you have to embody the you that you are when you see yourself working your dream job.

When you tap into it in yourself it has no choice but to reflect in your reality. That being said the most important factor in manifesting love whether this is parental, romantic, or as a leadership position is self-love. This is a topic that has much to cover so learn all about why and how self-love completely changes your life here. Now, for techniques to manifest love, find them here.

Looking To Dive Deeper Into Manifestation?

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