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How To Love Yourself Completely Using The Law of Attraction

With unconditional love everything blossoms. There is a certain magic that begins to happen when you truly fall in love with yourself. There may be part of you that cringes at how cliche that can sound, but here’s why.

Loving Yourself Will Change Your Life

There are many reasons why loving yourself unconditionally changes your life. First of all, a belief is simply a thought repeated often enough. You hear your own inner dialogue 24/7 which means if your inner voice is a critic instead of a friend then its time to put them into the transformative fire of self-love for everyone’s sake.

Your external world is a reflection of your internal world. You can not manifest love without already having that exist within you. This can be a hard pill to swallow especially if you are in a space of suffering and desire love, but it can also be the exact motivation you need to start loving yourself.

The law of attraction can be simplified by explaining everything in the universe is made up of energy. Our thoughts, our emotions, our words, and our perspectives impact the frequency we vibrate at.

Our vibration then attracts things that are in harmony with it and repels the opposite. This means where we direct our focus and our attention is powerful because it will begin to affect us and then manifest into our lives.

When you fall in love with yourself, then life and everything else has no choice but to do so as well. Self-love is the most key component to manifesting all of your dreams because you have to feel worthy to achieve it.

Mirror Neurons

Mirror neurons are essential in our ability to naturally imitate as well as learn from watching another. These neurons job includes allowing us to mimic another’s skills as well as feel their emotions with them.

This means your facial expression and body language can trigger within others a similar experience to what your feeling. This supports that your external world is a reflection of your internal world. Therefore, when you love yourself and are healing yourself you are also healing your loved ones.

Find Louise Hays Meditation For Self-Love Here.

Remove The Blocks

When Ram Dass was asked the question, “how can we love ourselves more” he rephrased it as “how can we accept ourselves more”. See self-love is our natural state of being when we are able to get the walls and blockages of self-doubt and shame out of the way.

We all have a conscious mind as well as an unconscious mind. We are all in a human body that naturally creates desires, needs, questions, and even misunderstandings.

The Shadow is a term coined by Jungian psychology referring to the unconscious aspects of the human nature. This can be viewed as what is behind the conscious ego and is the unknown or dark side.

This encompasses our inner wounding, shame, and fears. Shadow Work is the idea of accepting and owning your shadow rather than suppressing or rejecting it. This process guides us to integrate and acknowledge our shadow and blockages in order to become fully whole.

There is a wide array of practices you can use to do shadow work through the most important aspect is to allow yourself to be fully honest and practice non-judgment which cultivating a meditation practice can help with. You can begin learning vipassana meditation for beginners here.

Some of the self-reflection tools you can use to do shadow work include journaling and thought inquiry. We have great reference articles for these tools so that you can feel supported throughout your journey.

Journal Prompts To Guide You Through The Seven Chakras

You can follow one chakra a week which will not only teach you about each of the chakras, but it will also give you a chance to explore yourself holistically. You will be able to dive into multiple layers of your mind so that you can free yourself up to your innate infinite potential.

Thought Inquiry

As stated above, a belief is a thought you keep thinking. It is up to us whether we choose to believe our thoughts or not. Byron Katie developed what is called “The Work” which is a process of 4 questions you ask yourself surrounding a belief, thought, or judgment.

It is best to write down your thought on paper as Katie says, “it is the mind’s job to be right” therefore it will try to prove itself right and is harder to investigate when it isn’t on paper. Find Byron Katie’s 4 questions of the work here!

Showing Yourself Unconditional Love Practices

To truly find self-love accompany your work in removing blockage with practices to build a loving relationship with yourself. Taking time to care for yourself and build a positive mental outlook can recharge your batteries like nothing else.


Our thoughts have the power to change our whole world which is why affirming positive and loving statements although they can feel foreign and empty at first can later become our belief and our truth.

Affirmations are even more powerful for cultivating self-love and rebuilding a positive relationship with yourself when mirror work is involved. Mirror work is involving your reflection in your affirmations.

One of the potent layers to using mirror work is becoming aware of any resistance you have to say this affirmation to yourself. It becomes a little more real and you can pick up on any discomfort beneath the statement more clearly when you look into your own eyes saying it.

Find a list of Louise Hay healing affirmations here.

Random Acts of Kindness

Self-care comes in many forms, from dancing and buying yourself ice cream to writing yourself a love letter. Random acts of kindness are essential in finding new ways to love yourself.

Try adopting the perspective and lens of someone who loves you. See if you can view your hair color more deliciously, give yourself more credit when you know you have been working hard, and even take the extra time to walk slower by your favorite flowers.

This third-party perspective of self-love can inspire you to make ordinary daily life far more romantic and to drop the conditions you might be placing on yourself. This can be done simply by making a playlist of your favorite songs and then taking yourself to a nearby lake to listen to it.

Its the extra effort of self-care that begins to integrate the understand you are worthy of love. If you simply affirm I love myself yet mentally bully yourself all day your actions do not meet your words.

To learn to love yourself unconditionally this is through a perspective shift of using what you know about yourself to show yourself love and treat yourself with kindness rather than punish yourself for the sake of productivity or to feel more worthy of love.

Self-care actually is incredibly productive which you can see in what Shawn Achor calls the happiness advantage.

More Resources

If you are looking for more ways to learn how to expand your mind and learn about self-love, then you may enjoy our article on how to find more self-love from Ram Dass.

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