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How To Stop Blocking Love and Remove Emotional Blocks

If you are looking to manifest love and bring it into your life, the key is in removing the blocks you have against it. This is because love, joy, romance, and ultimately happiness are our natural state of being when we are in alignment and free of residual emotional pain. These exercises below will help you to dissolve resistance you have built and come back into your true state of being.

Why A Relationship Hasn’t Manifested

If you are working with law of attraction techniques to manifest love then ideally you need to pair it with these practices to remove the ways you are blocking a relationship and love from entering your life.

Think of clearing love blocks as setting up a strong foundation for the love you desire basically by creating space for it. If you are doing all the work to manifest love but it just isn’t coming there is some good news.

If you are manifesting something big then you will need a big space in your heart and emotional body to hold it. This means you will not manifest your big dream relationship until you clear out the neccesary space for it to thrive and grow in your life.

How To Clear Love Blocks

Well first, the key point is to get familiar with your subconscious and the parts of you that you may be suppressing. Shadow work is a term coined by Jungian psychology which speaks about the shadow or subconscious often related to the negatively suppressed and more primal sides of ourselves.

The gift of this work is to consciously work with what has been dictating and blocking your actions beneath the surface. Since love and relationships mainly live in the emotional body then it is important to specifically clear emotional blocks.

Journaling in a way of being completely honest and digging into personal questions is one way to do it. We recommend following journal prompts for the topics related to the heart chakra and the sacral chakra.

How To Stop Blocking Love

In order to stop blocking love, you must start approaching it differently when it is presented to you. That means to practice getting comfortable receiving it and feeling worthy of it when it comes to you.

You can practice this by leaning into accepting love or pleasure that may make you uncomfortable at first. For example, take notice if you allow yourself to truly receive compliments or you brush them off quickly.

Allow yourself to take in the good feelings if someone does something special for you or you find yourself backing up from allowing yourself to enjoy a special moment. Rick Hanson teaches how allowing ourselves to be immersed in that which brings us pleasure rewires our brain to actually produce more of these feelings.

What this also does is begins to remove the ways we block love when we are presented with it face to face. One of the reasons we naturally do this is due to low feelings of self-worth.

Increasing our self-love and getting comfortable with unconditionally loving ourselves is required in order to clear relationship blocks. This journey of learning to love ourselves is an ever-growing process.

Using tools such as Louise Hay’s mirror work technique and integrating a daily meditation practice to address the emotions that may be lying dormant underneath the surface of your daily life is extremely powerful when learning how to clear love blocks.

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