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Louise Hay Guided Meditation for Self Love and Healing

If you’re a fan of Louise Hay, you’re going to love this brilliant recording and meditation in which she talks about the importance of self love and personal healing, and then guides you through a simple process for achieving those states in your own life.

Hay was a master teacher on the power of love and the ability of everyone to incorporate more love into their lives by learning to love themselves. She believed that only as you learned to practice self-love could you then extend that love to those around you.

She wrote: Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.

The following video is a mixture of an audio lecture from Hay, followed by a meditation, and does not include background music.

If you would prefer a meditation-only recording by Louise Hay, the following two posts share morning and evening meditations for gratitude and well-being, and are set to music.

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