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How To Manifest A Relationship With A Specific Person

When working with the law of attraction, you are completely unlimited to what you can manifest. If you are wondering how to tailor manifestation techniques to work to manifest how to manifest love with a specific person then this article is for you.

Open Yourself To Receiving

If you are wondering how to manifest a boyfriend or girlfriend stepping into a receptive state is key. Have you ever heard that confidence is attractive? Confidence is built on a strong sense of self-worth, belief in one’s successful nature, and also receiving life with a tone of joy.

Think of how you present yourself when you feel like you are going to be rejected versus when you do not doubt if you are worthy of your desires. There is a difference you will find in your body posture, mannerisms, and of course the energy you give off.

A key embodiment practice is to allow yourself to be the person you naturally would be when you are in the relationship you desire. This means from your confidence, mannerisms, beliefs about yourself, and decisions should be aligned with that version of you.

In order to receive the love you desire you need to stop blocking it. When it comes down to it everything you desire is already inside of you which simply means you need to let go of the parts of you that are blocking it.

Learn more about how to stop blocking love and remove the emotional blocks repelling it here.

Uncover Your True Wants

Remember the law of attraction attracts what you are and not what you tell the universe you are unless that is your truth! This is where learning how to manifest love with a specific person can become tricky.

If you are trying to learn how to manifest a boyfriend or girlfriend uncovering the subconscious beliefs you have around them can help you align your deep emotions with the conscious level you tell the universe.

For example, if you are yearning for a specific person who cares for you, but keeps you wanting more ask yourself why do you really desire this person? If you feel that this person does not deeply care for you in the way you desire then there may be part of you that does not want to manifest this person.

You can also explore if there is an aspect of you that desires this person in order to fulfill a part of you that feels rejected. If you imagine yourself from a viewpoint of strong self-worth would you still desire this person?

Accessing your shadow self and asking uncomfortable questions can be part of the manifestation process as you are bringing your whole self, subconscious, and conscious self into harmony.

Manifestation Techniques For Attracting A Relationship With A Specific Person

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