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Freedom For All by Neville Goddard: Free PDF Download

Neville Goddard is commonly referred to as the father of the law of attraction. He teaches how imagination and the human consciousness are actually what creates reality. Through interpreting the bible as well as the nature of reality, Neville, offers potent teaching on how to create the life you desire.

All of his books are available at public domain. You can find a free PDF download of his book Freedom For All below.

Neville Goddard Interpretation of The Bible

Neville Goddard explains his interpretation of the bible and relates it to human consciousness. He even uses it to explain the law of attraction because human consciousness is what creates our reality.

The stories of the Bible are all mystical revelations written in an Eastern symbolism which reveals to the intuitive the secret of creation and the formula of escape. The Bible is man’s attempt to express in words the cause and manner of creation.

Man discovered that his consciousness was the cause or creator of his world, so he proceeded to tell the story of creation in a series of symbolical stories known to us today as the Bible.

Neville Goddard interprets the Bible

Excerpts and Quotes From Freedom For All

Selected intentionally below are experts from this book so that you can feel the essence of Neville’s teachings within this book! You will close this book feeling inspired and ready to put his practices to work.

Chapter One: The Oneness of God

As the conditioned state, I (man), might forget who I am, or where I am, but I cannot forget that I AM. This knowing that I AM, this awareness of being, is the only reality.

The world – my mirrored self – ever bears witness of the state of consciousness in which I live. There is no chance or accident responsible for the things that happen to me or the environment in which I find myself. Nor is predestined fate the author of my fortunes or misfortunes. Innocence and guilt are mere words without meaning to the law of consciousness, except as they reflect the state of consciousness itself.

Chapter Two: The Name of God

It cannot be stated too often that consciousness is the one and only reality, for this is the truth that sets man free.

Chapter Four: The Secret of Feeling

Your consciousness is the cause of your world. The conscious state in which you abide determines the kind of world in which you live. Your present concept of yourself is now objectified as your environment.

If the room in which you are seated is not the room in which the thing desired would be naturally placed or realized, feel yourself seated in the room or place where it would be natural. Consciously fix this time space impression before you start the act of sensing and feeling the nearness, the reality, and the possession of the thing desired.

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