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How To Send Positive Energy To Someone

According to quantum mechanics, even having a thought about an object can have an effect on the nature of that object.

When it comes to others, it’s entirely possible that we can transfer, or share, or energy.

When doing so, the most important thing to remember is that the quality depends on your mindset. Thus, it’s best to try energy sending techniques when you’re feeling positive yourself

Also, while it’s certainly not necessary to tell someone when you’re sending them healing energy, it may help them be more open to receiving it.

How To Share Healing Energy

Send Energy Using Crystals 

Cystals are one of the oldest-known ways to load and send energy to someone you care for. Not to mention, they make a beautiful gift. 

There are many different crystals suited for different intentions. For the purposes of positivity and healing, we’d recommend starting with clear quartz, rose quartz, or citrine. 

Once you’ve seleteced the crystal of your choice, ensure you cleanse it of any negative energy. This can be done using sage, or by placing it in water. Then prepare to quiet your mind and state your intentions. 

Hold your crystal and clear your mind of any negativity. You may want to try a breathing exercise or brief meditation to do this. 

Then, state your intention. You can do so in your head or out loud, 

Since we are working to send positive energy, for example, you might say, “This crystal will send positive energy to [name], and help them to heal by [your intention for the crystal]. Try your best to keep a still mind and focus on the connection between your words and your crystal.  

Once your crystal is charged, keep it close to you. Or, you may want to give it to the receiver to whom you are sending your energy. 

Send Energy Using Manifestation 

As you may already know, the energy you radiate will determine what comes into your life. This concept is known as the “law of attraction.”

Using the Law of Attraction to send positive energy to someone is relatively simple. The important part is that you are consistent and intentional and the other person is open to receive your energy. 

All you need to do is dedicate some amount of time each day to visualize their healing. Find a quiet comfortable place and really focus your mind on what you want for them. Imagine what their happy, positive life would look like. Nothing crazy, just enough to 

You may want to repeat a mantra or affirmation during this time, such as 

“[Name of person] is capable of achieving anything.” 


“[Name of person] is getting better every day.” 

This can be done verbally, mentally, or physically written down. 

Send Energy Using Reiki Methods 

Before you can begin sending energy with Reiki methods, it’s important you become familiar with Reiki itself. 

Reiki is a holistic healing technique originating in Japan from sensei Mikao Usi. It works directly with energy fields to bring emotional, spiritual, and physical harmony to practitioners. 

To practice Reiki, it’s highly recommended that one must attend an attunement class. If you’ve already done so, it’s an extremely powerful way to send healing energy to a loved one. 

Typically, Reiki is done through the hands. However, there are many ways to send people energy from a distance. 

One method is to physically write down the name of the person you’re sharing your energy with. If you’d like, you may include a photo of the person, or draw a corresponding reiki symbol under their name. 

Simply fold the paper up and hold it in your hands. Visualize sending healing energy from your hands into the paper. 

Remember, whatever you put out into the world is what you will get back, so energy must be sent with the right intentions. If you’re feeling negative or uneasy yourself, take a step back and save your energy for another time. 

Further, the best way to enhance your healing abilities is by checking your own energy. High vibrations will protect your energy from any obstacles or blockages during the transfer.

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