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You Need Do Nothing: Meaning and Explanation

In A Course in Miracles, there are several passages talking about how you need do nothing in order to receive forgiveness and transmute illusion into truth.

For many people, this is a difficult concept to understand, because on the one hand, we have established a goal of Atonement, which you might also equate with Enlightenment, or the attainment of Truth, and yet on the other ACIM writes that you don’t need to be or do anything other than what you are.

How do we reconcile these two beliefs? The answer is through 1 simple idea.

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You Are Already Perfect

The first premise you need to understand in order to accept the apparent paradox of ‘doing nothing’ and ‘attaining’ enlightenment or atonement, is to recognize that you are already perfect.

I like the description of this idea as understanding you are ‘perfect, and yet evolving in perfection. Nothing needs to happen in order for your to be perfect, and yet you will continue to grow and evolve spiritually as you progress through your life.

Both states are equally valid. In fact, unconditional acceptance recognizes that all states are equally valid. Thus, you could never be imperfect in any way. You are always, already, exactly where you need to be.

This does not prevent you from wanting to grow further, and to continue to expand to experience more and more of who you truly are.

The same idea can be extended to the world at large. There is nothing you need to do in this world to change anything or anyone. You do not need to ‘save’ anyone, though you may feel called to help others in many diverse ways. There is a difference between feeling inspired to action in this way, and needing to take an action in order to correct a perceived wrong.

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A Course In Miracles: I Need Do Nothing Video

Watch this great video which goes into more detail on the concept of why you need do nothing in order to achieve perfection.

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