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How To Meditate Properly: Best Postures and Techniques for Beginners

How To Do Meditation At Home: 3 Steps To Meditate Effectively If you’re just getting started with meditation, at first the process can seem hard, overwhelming, and even confusing. There are a lot of common misconceptions about what meditation is and what it takes in order for you to be successful with your practice. So,…
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Deepak Chopra So Hum Meditation: Guided Mantra Meditation for Relaxation and Peace of Mind

So Hum Mantra Meditation In this post I wanted to include one of my favorite meditation practices: the so-hum mantra. I think this is one of the easiest mantra to work with. It’s short, simple, and easy to coordinate with the breath. I like to breathe-in to the “So” and breathe-out to the “Hum.” Using…
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Louise Hay’s Morning Gratitude Meditation for Positive Energy

Louise Hay: Morning Meditation Here’s one of my favorite morning meditations from Louise Hay, reknowned spiritual author and one of the original leaders of New-Thought, focusing on how managing your energy can drastically improve your life. Listen to this meditation in a quiet place every morning, building it into a daily habit of meditation, and…
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