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22 Abraham Processes To Get Into The Vortex

Welcome to Part II of my 3 part series outlining all of the exercises from Ask and It Is Given.

If you haven’t already, make sure you read this post for the first set Abraham Hicks Processes.

In this post, we’ll continue with exercises 8-14.

8. The Book of Positive Aspects

This exercise is a great way to raise your vibration when you are in a good mood, or a slightly negative mood, but is not good when you are severely depressed or angry.

To work with this process, use a journal to create your book of positive aspects. To begin, write out a short list of topics you’d like praise. Three to five topics is a good number. Then, for each, begin to ask yourself positive questions about the topic. Start writing down why you like that topic, what is good about it, and what you value most about it.

As you do, you’ll begin to build positive momentum by focusing on only the good characteristics of that theme. This is a key part of the 5 step alignment system.

9. Scripting

The scripting process is a great visualization tool to help you clarify your desire and list details about how it will play out for you.

To do this process, imagine that you were writing or typing out a script for the manifestation of our desire. Write every detail of how it unfolds, and pretend that every detail you write is automatically going to come true. It is as if you were writing a script for a movie, and you know exactly what you write will soon appear on screen.

Do this process playfully, and allow yourself to be free in the details you feel inspired to write, for this is how you work past any negative beliefs holding you back from that subject.

10. The Place Mat Process

The Place Mat Process is one of my favorite exercises to do whenever I feel overwhelmed about a project, or have an inordinate number of things I feel I need to accomplish.

To do this process, draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper. On one half, write down, “Things I Intend to do Today,” and on the other write, “Things The Universe Will Handle.”

Then, go through your to-do list, and choose the things you really intend to do that today. Only choose items that you actually intend to get done, and omit anything that makes you feel overwhelmed or pressured. Add these to your half of the paper.

Then, add everything else to the Universe’s half of the paper, and trust that all will be handled accordingly. You might be surprised by the results!

11. Segment Intending

Another great process when you feel overwhelmed is Segment Intending. Segment Intending asks you to focus on a specific period of time, and to then identify the vibrational state you want to be in during that time.

It is like breaking a project down into chunks, but instead of simply focusing in on a specific task to accomplish, you focus on a specific vibration you want to maintain during that time period. Taking a few moments to establish this vibration before you begin will help you to maintain an easier state of flow as you move through the time.

12. Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…?

This process is extraordinarily simple, and yet very, very powerful, as it helps you to switch your vibration from focusing on the absence of your desire, to the presence of your desire.

To do this exercise, think about something that you want. But, instead of beginning the phrase with, “I want…” take a more playful approach and begin with “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…”

The energy of the second phrase is much lighter and much more playful than demanding the list of things you want. It is a simple but effective trick for flipping yourself into a state of abundance.

13. Which Thought Feels Better?

The teachings of Abraham tell us that every thought has a specific emotion and vibrational state attached to it. Wherever you are, you always have the ability to think a thought that feels slightly better or slightly worse than the previous thought.

This game focuses on this point, but getting you to become more conscious of how individual thoughts feel. All you have to do is choose a thought, and then choose a second thought. Notice which one feels better, and begin to feel more strongly into the better feeling thought.

If you repeat this process even for just a few minutes, you will begin to feel amazing.

14. The Process of Clearing Clutter for Clarity

This process is a simple sorting exercise for those times when you feel you have accumulated too much clutter in your life, but have been avoiding trying to clean it up.

Often, when things become cluttered, it lowers our energy because it is a constant reminder of the ‘should do’ that never gets done.

This process suggests you simply place a few boxes in your room and begin to place unnecessary items in them. You don’t have to have a specific system, and just freely putting items in different boxes will help to get you started without feeling overwhelmed. Naturally, you will be drawn to a general sorting as you go through this process, so you will find similar, related items going in the same box.

This helps to declutter your life so you have room to raise your vibration.

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