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The Best Abraham Hicks Evening Routine: Get Into The Vortex Before Bedtime

Let Go Of The Day’s Events

The single, most important thing you can do in the evening, is to take time to unwind from your day, and let go of the events that happened. This is true regardless of whether you have had a good day or a bad, but it is especially important if you faced any big obstacles or negativity during your day.

Taking the time to let go is important because it will allow you to become more receptive to ideas and inspirations that you might have while you sleep. Your dreams are one of the most prominent ways your subconscious mind communicates with you, and by letting go of past negative energy, you allow yourself to receive those nudges from Source just a little more easily.

I’m including a great recording of Abraham explaining this idea below, along with a rampage, You can also use any of the processes from Ask and It Is Given as a tool for letting go, or check out this post on moving through Abraham’s 5 steps into alignment.

Evening Rampage for a Good Night’s Sleep

Listen to Abraham explain the importance of letting go of the day and going to sleep in the vortex, followed by a great, short evening rampage to help you raise your energy.

Meditate Before You Go To Sleep

Abraham teaches that when you meditate, you release any unwanted resistance and pent up negative energy that you have within you. This is important, because it resets your vibration and allows you to move into a neutral, receptive state of mind.

Meditating before bed is especially powerful because the few minutes before you go to sleep has a very strong influence over how well you sleep and what types of dreams that you have. The evening, along with first thing in the morning right after you wake up, is one of the two best times to meditate.

If you carry negativity from your day into your sleep, you will be more likely to have disturbing or low-energy dreams, and you will awake in the morning feeling lethargic, anxious, stressed, or depressed.

If, however, you meditate and reset your energy before bed, your sleep will be more peaceful, and you will have a better shot at starting the day from a place of positive energy.

Guided Bedtime Meditation To Fall Asleep in The Vortex

This is a great hour-long compilation of soft and relaxing Abraham excerpts, set to peaceful background music. I love using this recording as an evening meditation I can do in bed. Hop you enjoy!

Click here to listen to the sleep meditation.

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