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Abraham Hicks Quotes on Money and Manifesting Wealth

Abraham Hicks is hands down one of the best Law of Attraction teachers of all time.

Abraham has an incredible way of explaining how The law of Attraction works and how to overcome negative energy, while maintaining a consistent, positive focus that never fails to lift me into a higher vibration, and a better mood.

In this post, I’m going to share my favorite Abraham Hicks quotes on manifesting wealth and money into your life. I hope you enjoy.

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The Best Abraham Hicks Quotes on Manifesting Wealth

You don’t even have to talk about prosperity, you just have to stop talking about lack!

We can fast forward for you. “I knew I was going to be incredibly wealthy. I didn’t have to see the evidence of it to know it.

As long as you care how much something costs, you have a limitation set on how much money you think will come to you.

Most people have put anything that earns money in the category of things that I HAVE to do. And that is why the money often comes so hard.

Once you are able to achieve and consistently maintain your personal alignment, a great deal of money will flow into your experience.

When you’re appreciative of the money you have, even if it’s not very much, you’re flowing downstream.

The universe doesn’t know whether you have a million dollars, or whether you just feel like you have a million dollars.

When you are focused on the desire for the money and taking score of the absence of the money, you are vibrationally defeating your own purpose.

As you set a financial goal, it is not only about the expansion for yourself. It’s about the expansion of all of those who are involved in that which you are about. In other words, it creates this nucleus, this machine, that allows so many to begin to thrive along with you. It’s much bigger than finances.

If you could sever yourselves from your past, dollars would flow into your experience at a rate that would be breathtaking unto you.

We want you to spend vibrational currency, not money.

You cannot receive vibrationally something that you are not a vibrational match to. And so, bless those who are finding abundance, and in your blessing of them and their abundance, you will become abundant too. But, in your cursing of their abundance, you hold yourself apart from it. It is a law. It is a powerful law.

Rather than saying, “I never have enough money,” you say instead: “I’m looking forward to having more money.” That is a very different story – a very different vibration and a very different feeling, which will, in time, bring you a very different result.

Make peace with outrageous abundance.

Money isn’t the means to a happy life. A happy life is the means to the money.

The attraction of money has nothing to do with your ability to earn it. It has only to do with your wanting and believing of your worthiness to receive it.

The universe will respond to your playful game so quickly, and it will not respond to your prayerful needs. It’s responding to the way you feel, so if you make a game of it, you let the money in, and if you are all serious and worried about it, you hold the money out.

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