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Abraham Hicks: Rampage of Love

In this post I’m going to share three of my favorite Abraham rampages on love.

The first video is an explanation from one of her seminars on how to get into the receiving mode on the subject of love, in order to let love flow into your life in abundance.

The second video is one of my favorite rampages on love with music.

The third video focuses on how to line up with romantic relationship you desire in order to expand the love in your life.

Hope you enjoy!

How To Receive More Love

This video is one of my personal favorites because before she goes into the rampage Abraham offers an excellent explanation of the number 1 flaw that most people have when they try to do a rampage.

The key is not to demand the circumstance.

In order to enter your unconditional path of least resistance, you need to release attachment to (or, at the very least, release your focus on) the absence of the situation you desire.

Remember that you are always on your path, and that you can never get off of that path, even when you don’t recognize you are on it.

Learn more about how to do a rampage for yourself in this training, or learn about how to use the law of attraction.

Rampage of Self Love with Music

The second video I want to include is a short rampage on love with music. This recording has a specific focus on self-love, and using the vibration of love in order to build confidence in yourself and your relationships with others.

Rampage of Love for Relationships: Finding The Right Partner

Lastly, this final video is one of the best rampages Abraham has on relationships, and how to line up with the vibration of a strong, healthy, vibrant, loving, and supportive relationship.

Recognize that the relationship you desire already exists, and is waiting for you in your vortex of attraction. Your only responsibility is to align with the energy of that feeling.

The key is always to feel the quality of the experience you want from the relationship first, and not focus on the who or the when questions. When you try to narrow your focus to a specific person, or a specific timeframe, you increase your chances of creating resistance about that relationship, since it is hard to force others to act exactly the way you think they should.

This is true regardless of whether you are looking for a new relationship or trying to heal an existing relationship with a romantic partner.

Feel the feeling first, and let everything else flow naturally for you. It really is that simple.

Read more about how to find alignment with your desires in 5 steps.

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