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Conversations With God All About Affirmations

You may be wondering who Neale Donald Walsch is? He is most well known for the 9 book series, Conversations With God. He has redefined the concept and understanding of God to the ten million people who have bought his book.

What Is Conversations With God About?

The idea for the book all came when Neale had reached a breaking point in his life. He decided to write a totally honest letter to God voicing his frustration and anger. He asked God the questions that had stumped him and surprisingly he heard God answer back.

These books are the answers to Neale’s questions that he has written through the inspiration of God. Throughout all of his books, the focus is upon awakening to our deeper truth and this brought a new awakened perspective into many Christian’s eyes. You can find more channeled texts here.

His teachings are to remind us that the universe is always conspiring in our favor. Life wants us to succeed and he reminds us to step out of the victim mentality and replace life happening to us to life happening for us.s

The answers Neale heard from God explained to him that ultimately there is no separateness and unity with God is throughout everything you do. One of the concepts explained by God through Neale is that life is an experience to create contrast.

Such is the same with water due to its formlessness. When there is no container water is endless and does not know where it begins or ends until it is placed within a glass for example. Our pure essence is love, this article can help you understand what it means to love like God.

The Idea Behind Affirmations

In one part of the series, God advises Neale to affirm what he desires in the present form. His example is to think I have success rather than I want success. For those of you familiar with the law of attraction you can spot its essence within this conversation.

If you are not familiar with the law of attraction, to sum it up it can be explained as you are the creator of your own reality by what you place you believe. Where you place your attention, what thoughts you give power to, and what emotions predominantly flood your system work like a magnet to attract their harmonious counterpart.

This is where the wisdom of what God says through Neale shines through, the statement I want success equates to a reality where you are wanting success. Yet, the statement I have success matches a reality in which you have attained success.

This is one of the most powerful tricks to get the law of attraction to work for you. The only problem here is if we do not feel that this statement is our truth then we are not fully in alignment with the affirmation due to our emotional body.

This is one of the main reasons people do not see results when they begin working with the law of attraction. This is also why Neale exclaimed that it felt like a lie to tell himself that thought.

God then gave him the instruction to make it as true as possible such as I am on the path to success and success is coming directly into my life. This is a key that will supercharge your manifestation techniques.

Gratitude and thanking God without expectation was explained to be the strongest affirmation. You can follow these gratitude exercises here in order to learn more.

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