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How To Listen To The Inner Voice of God

We all crave guidance at one time or another. It is common when we hit a crossroads that we begin searching for someone to tell us what to do. We often can find ourselves scouring the external world for the answers.

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What Is The Inner Voice of God

Not every voice we hear inside our head is god. We have distracting habitual thoughts, emotional triggers, and mental to-do lists buzzing around in there as well.

Though we all do have an internal instinct like an internal wisdom. Sometimes our inner voice speaks up out of nowhere and with information, our conscious mind didn’t exactly know. This is the voice of God.

If you pay attention to the subtle detail to this voice it will have a slightly different quality to it than other voices in your head. Commonly this one will trigger a certain emotional sensation within you when it speaks.

Maybe the way this voice speaks is a little louder, more compassionate, or you feel your mental focus begin to become crisper as it speaks. Some people report knowing their inner voice of God simply by their gut feelings they developed over time.

With practice, we can fine-tune our ears to hear God better and with more clarity. Through this skill, we will better be able to trust divine intelligence when we hear it.

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How To Hear The Inner Voice of God

First, in order to hear the voice of God at least some level of surrender is required. When we write off our thoughts and do not believe they can hold any profound wisdom then we begin to block God’s voice.

To begin to notice the exact voice that is God’s wisdom shining through we can begin to cultivate mindfulness through practices. This is important because we do not know when God’s intelligence will surface.

In order to learn God’s specific quality, we need to be in a continuous state of awareness and be fully present. We can work to hear God’s voice more clearly and often with these practices below.

Practices To Open Your Ears To God

There are many practices one can use in order to open the channels in which God can speak to you. Any practice where you are practicing self-reflection, clearing away mental chatter, and connecting spiritually will begin to open your ears to God.

Automatic Writing

Simplified, automatic writing is the process of surrendering and following your intuition, in order to receive direct insights from your own subconscious mind. First and foremost before beginning automatic writing, you need to place yourself in a calm and relaxed state.

You can do this with a brief meditation. Then you can begin writing. You may choose to write a question and then immediately write the answer with whatever comes to you.

This is a process of allowing your subconscious to surface where you may even receive guidance from your inner voice of God. To learn more about channeled writing and automatic writing click here.

Become More Sensitive to God

When we become more aware of our surroundings we will be more sensitive to hearing God’s voice when it whispers inside us. We can increase our sensitivity and deepen our ability to perceive by practicing mindfulness meditation.

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