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Top 10 Best Books by Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard is easily one of the most influential Law of Attraction teachers of all time.

He taught a simple philosophy centered around The Law of Assumption and an individual’s ability to imagine his own reality into existence using a few simple principles.

In this post I’m going to share his top 10 best books, followed by a brief summary of his philosophy of success.

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Top 10 Book List

Goddard was a prolific writer and lecturer. He spoke at countless seminars throughout the United States, and wrote a dozen books, along with many other lectures.

Many of his books are similar in style: each presents a clear articulation of one aspect of his philosophy, with Neville’s interpretation of the psychological meaning behind passages in the Bible to evidence his philosophy. Many of the books also contain letters and stories from his students and practitioners, providing real-life case studies about how you can implement his teachings to achieve results in your life.

So, without further ado, the Top 10 Neville Goddard books are:

  1. Feeling Is The Secret
  2. Out Of This World
  3. At Your Command
  4. Your Faith Is Your Fortune
  5. The Law and The Promise
  6. Awakened Imagination
  7. The Power of Awareness
  8. Seedtime and Harvest
  9. Prayer: The Art of Believing
  10. Freedom For All.

A Brief Summary of Neville Goddard’s Philosophy of Success

Goddard’s philosophy is simple: everything that you experience is a reflection of your level of consciousness. The Bible was not meant to be interpreted as historical fact, but as a treatise on the psychological evolution of man. The path of this evolution is to become consciously aware of how you create your everyday experience of the world, and to gain mastery over your mind, to begin to create Heaven on Earth.

To do this, you must choose your preferred state of being, and then imagine yourself into the feeling of your aim, and maintain that feeling until you see it manifest in the world around you.

Further Resources

I discuss his philosophy in more detail in the following posts.

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