You are currently viewing Bob Proctor Abundance Meditation – Guided Hypnosis for Manifesting Wealth

Bob Proctor Abundance Meditation – Guided Hypnosis for Manifesting Wealth

In this post I want to share one of my favorite guided meditations by Bob Proctor. This is a great recording set to background music in which Proctor guides you into your ‘room of images’ and explores the concept of abundance.

I hope you enjoy!

Guided Abundance Meditation by Bob Proctor

How To Use This Meditation

In this meditation, Proctor instructs you to repeat the meditation at least once a day for a minimum of 30 days.

This is because the key to developing a mindset of abundance and eliminating scarcity from your life is to create new beliefs about abundance and prosperity. To create a belief, you must repeat an idea consistently to yourself, through a process known as autosuggestion.

When you sit to practice this meditation, it helps you to quiet your mind and get rid of any negative obstacles or scarcity beliefs that you hold. If you do this once, it may help you to feel better during the day, and you could find you are calmer and accomplish more. However, the real power comes through repetition.

You can also amplify the power of this meditation by repeating these affirmations for money and wealth into your practice. As soon as you finish your meditation, you will be in a calm, quiet state of mind. Then, repeat these affirmations, and your mind will immediately become more receptive to the ideas they contain.

Developing an abundant attitude is a habit, and starting a daily practice of using this meditation will help you to develop that habit, and improve your focus and prosperity in the long term.

Learn More About Bob Proctor’s Law of Attraction Teachings

The principles of this meditation are based on The Law of Attraction.

Thanks to his appearance in The Secret, Bob Proctor is renowned worldwide as one of the best Law of Attraction teachers, and has a wealth of information on how you can use this law to develop any area of your life.

He teaches that The Law of Attraction is based on The Law of Vibration, and that the key to reaching any goal is to shift your paradigm in order to vibrate at a new level, one at which your goal already exists.

This is similar to Abraham Hicks’ 5 Steps to Alignment, in which your desire already exists in your vortex, and it is up to you to change your energy in order to meet it!

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