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Neville Goddard Techniques & Exercises for Living from the Wish Fulfilled

Neville Goddard is easily one of the most influential Law of Attraction teachers of the 20th century. He wrote and lectured extensively on how you can use the power of imagination to create the world as you wish it to be.

In this post, I’m going to explain Goddard’s concept of living from the wish fulfilled, and outline a few simple exercises you can use to help you use this teaching to manifest what you want in your life.

Assuming the Wish Fulfilled

One of the single most important concepts behind all of Goddard’s teachings is his assertion that in order to get the results that you want, you must assume a state of the wish fulfilled.

He expresses this in many ways, from the idea of living from the end, to acting as if your aim were already accomplished, but what, exactly, does this mean, and how can you apply it to your life?

What Is The Wish Fulfilled?

The “Wish Fulfilled” is simply Goddard’s way of saying that you should assume that any desire you want is already forthcoming.

The wish is your primary desire, the goal that you set for yourself. The wish fulfileld is the idea that you have already achieved that aim.

While this sounds incredibly simple, actually practicing and living from this end state can be challenging.

How To Live From The End

Living from the end means that you must assume, with every thought, word, and action, that your desire has already been accomplished. If you think that something might or could happen, you have the energy that it has not yet occurred.

But, when you begin to imagine yourself into a higher state of consciousness, such that you already have everything you want, you then enter what Goddard means when he discusses living from the wish fulfilled.

This can be challenging, because it forces you to choose between the apparent circumstances before you (which tell your physical senses you do not yet have your desire), and a higher spiritual force, from which you can have a sense of knowing that your desire is manifested.

The exercises below will help you to cultivate this state of mind.

Feeling is The Way

An important point to understand in the application of this principle is to realize how The Law of Attraction works. It is not enough to simply think good thoughts about your desire, you must focus on developing the feeling of having achieved your aim.

This is the number 1 secret behind the Law of Attraction, and is what Goddard also describes as The Law of Assumption.

When you assume, in totality of heart and mind, that you already have your goal, that assumption rests upon the way that you feel. Therefore, to get yourself into that state, you must always be conscious of how you feel when you think of your goal.

Exercises and Techniques

Here are a few of Goddard’s techniques and exercises for living from the wish fulfilled.

  1. Imagining Your Desire – In bed, just before falling asleep, walk through the experience you desire. Repeat this many times, until you can experience it.
  2. Revisioning -At the end of the day revisiting and editing any undesirable experiences. See the link below for more information on how to use this process.
  3. Stengthening Your Awareness – In the evening, use your imagination to walk backwards through the day, remembering as many details as possible, this will help you to hone your awareness and focus, which you can then apply to your aims.
  4. Clarifying Your Goals – Write down the experience you want, as if it had already happened. Use vivid details and imagery to clarify the experience, before it happens.

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