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The Power of Revision: Neville Goddard Techniques to Change Your Life

If you’re familiar with Neville Goddard’s teachings on How Imagination Creates Reality, then you already know that your consciousness is the key to unlocking any manifestation you wish to experience.

But, how, exactly, do you leverage your imagination to create the world you desire? One of the most powerful techniques Neville Goddard outlines is to use a process of daily revision, in which you revisit the events of your day, and re-imagine them as you wish them to be.

How To Use Revision: The Technique Explained

The basic premise of using revision to change your life is that in addition to being able to create your future experiences, you can also use your imagination to re-create past experiences as you wish them to be.

According to Goddard, the most important parts of any day aren’t the actual events you experience, but rather the feelings you remember. Through the use of your imagination, you can downplay any negative, or unwanted events, and then instill the idea of a preferred outcome or experience.

It is best to perform this technique in the evening, just before you go to bed. This time just before sleep is one of the most powerful points of influence you have over your subconscious, and by reviewing the events of the day while they are still fresh in your memory, you can leverage your evening meditation into a process for changing your life.

To use this technique, simply enter into a state of deep relaxation or meditation, in which your mind and body are very relaxed, but you are still conscious and awake. Starting from the beginning of the day, move through the main events that happened to you. Focus in particular on any events that seemed especially meaningful to you. When you are happy with how an event unfolded, take a moment to appreciate it and be grateful for it – aligning your energy to your desire.

If, on the other hand, the event did not go as you’d hoped. Begin to imagine yourself back into the unwanted experience. As you move through the experience, however, replace the unwanted events with your preferred idea of what could have happened.

Why It Works: 3 Success Stories

Revision works because it causes you to reframe the past from the higher perspective of your chosen desire. When you do, you cement your belief that your desire is already working for you, and are able to transcend the physical memory systems of the brain. As you choose to re-remember something a new way, you can then instill a belief that the event happened differently.

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From Neville’s Writings

“While my wife was playing tennis she received a severe break to her ankle. We both revised the incident, and although she had to stop playing tennis for a while, the ankle healed rapidly with only the aid of an ace bandage, much to the amazement of the doctor.”

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From Reddit

My husband came home without the truck. Sent it to a mechanic we didn’t really care for but we had not found one we liked. I had imagined a second truck but had forgotten about it until he came home without one but I had read revision. He came in saying I wished I could have just come home in the truck. So I revised it. I imagined the truck in the driveway. I said to myself the truck is in the driveway and he drove it there. Next day mechanic says 2500 to fix it. We brought the truck home. Next door neighbor says his father wants to sell his truck for 2500. We bought it. New truck had a minor problem so we took it to the neighbors mechanic. Fixed no charge. Fell in love with them. Asked them to look at old truck. Fixed 100 bucks. Within 3 days we had both trucks sitting in the driveway working perfectly. I have used it many times for when I have burned myself or hurt myself. My husband cut himself and before Neville it would have been stitches and an emergency room charge. I revised it. Three days later all healed. I love revision. I love my imagination. But then now I love it all. 


I was sitting there watching about $2000 a month drain off my desk!! So rather than whining and complaining about my ill fate, I recognized a pattern… that often when I land on an AMAZING opportunity in business, something happens that it goes away.
The examples of this are HUGE in my life, and seem to have a theme. So I used Revision and saw each of those situations in my mind ending exactly as I hoped they would, … and low and behold… today, I not only heard from the client, but we scheduled our appointments for the coming month! Whoooo!

Neville Goddard Revision Meditation

Here is an example of a type of general revision meditation you could use in order to help you in this process. For best results, use this recording as an inspiration to come up with your own ideas, or click here for another guided evening meditation for manifestation.

Kyle Greenfield

Kyle Greenfield is the Founder and CEO of The Joy Within, where our mission is to help you win the fight against stress and negativity by harnessing the power of your natural, inner joy. Kyle has been teaching on meditation, mindfulness, and how to eliminate negative thoughts since 2016. He currently resides in London. You can follow Kyle on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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  1. Andu

    I have a question. If you want to revise your divorce, how is it possible? i imagine as if tat incident never happened in my life and moved on with my life, but people keep getting back that incident .. If i forget will people also forget it ?

    I will be glad and grateful for ur reply.

    1. Mia

      Hi Andu, coming from my own experience, you don’t forget things with revision, but you completely change the effects on your future. To revise the divorce you could revise the whole process as being very pleasant and easy for everyone involved (in case you don’t want to go back with your ex-wife, which I assume is the case)

  2. Lina

    I have a question to ask you, is it possible for me to physically change the past with revision? For example, say there’s a record of me saying something over email, if I revise it, would the emails disappear? Is it truly possible that I can shift to where it did not occur? I’d love to hear your answer to this. I’m still learning about Neville, still kind of confused, haha.

    1. Benji

      the past does not exist but in memories, so there is nothing to physically change. That said, when we revise it has incredible effects on us, the world around us, and other people in alignment with our revisions.

  3. Lucy

    Say I had an argument with someone and we fell out, of I revised the outcome of the conversation so we never argued and never fell out would that just change my path going forward so I wouldn’t feel so heart heavy, or would it be the opening door to rekindling our friendship?

  4. Anonymous

    Can I use revision to change a tragedy? Unfortunately I took a medication and had a severe allergic reaction to it and ended staying awake for 48 hours. Ever since then I have issues with sleep and have to take psychiatric meds to sleep. Since revision is done before sleep can I still revise this so that it never happens? And my physical health is at its prime?

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