3 Neville Goddard Exercises for Imagining and Manifesting Results

Neville Goddard is one of the greatest spiritual teachers of the 20th century. His writings helped advance the idea that your thoughts create your reality, and were some of the earliest teachings on The Law of Attraction, and the ability of any individual to gain control of his circumstances through personal empowerment.

While much of Goddard’s writings involve quotes and interpretations of Biblical stories, his philosophy is far more practical than religious, describing how imagination creates reality, and he consistently outlines a series of steps you can take to apply his teachings to your daily life.

In this post I’ll share three of his most effective exercises.

The 3 Best Neville Goddard Techniques

Thinking from the End

The first exercise to do is to learn how to “think from the end.” What Goddard means by this is that in order to gain control of your circumstances, you must first become crystal clear about what it is that you want to be, do, or have manifest in your life.

This means that you have to project yourself forward into the idea that you want to accomplish. Once you are clear in this aim, you can begin to identify what it would feel like to achieve that aim.

The goal of thinking from the end is not simply to identify a list of desired qualities, but to be able to identify with those qualities, and to begin to embody the feeling that accomplishing your aim would instill within you.

You can do this exercise through a daily meditation, and walk yourself through a consistent process of experiencing and re-experiencing your aim. If you begin this process but lose focus during it (as will happen to most people), simply begin again, and with each repetition you will gain clarity and further your ability to concentrate on your aim.


The second Neville Goddard exercise I want to share is the process of scripting. This technique goes hand in hand with the idea of thinking from the end, but takes the strategy to the next level.

Scripting, simply means writing down your desire in a way that assumes it has already happened. To do this, place yourself into an imagined state of mind that you have just experienced your goal, and then write down a vivid description of what happened.

It’s important to note that you aren’t trying to brainstorm ways to achieve your goal or even outline possible paths you might take. You’re imagining (assuming) that your goal is already accomplished, and then writing down a description of it.

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Another great technique is the process of revisioning. Goddard writes that one of the best habits you can develop is to review the events of your day every evening, just before you go to sleep.

As you walk your mind through the things that happened, you might notice that there were a few situations that didn’t go as you might have wanted them to. If so, use this time to re-imagine the circumstance, as if it had turned out favorably.

For example, if you received a letter from a friend that contained bad news, imagine yourself back to that moment of reading the letter. Imagine opening the envelope and begin reading, but this time change what the letter says. Imagine that it contains the news you want to hear.

Once you have done this, simply relax and move on to the next event in your day. Do not worry about trying to ‘force’ or ‘think through’ the event you wish to change. Imagine it differently, and move on.

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How To Manifest Results In Your Life

If you read his writings, you will find many examples and stories of Neville Goddard’s results, both in his own life and those of his students. The key with each of these exercises is to trust that they will work, and that the imagination really does create your reality.

To see the best results, work consistently with these techniques. Thinking through your dream state once or twice might be wishful thinking, but as you continue to repeat the ideas to yourself, they become more and more real for you. This happens through a process of autosuggestion.

Eventually, the imagined state will become so real to you, that is has no choice but to appear before you in the physical world. This is the secret to creation.

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  1. Samuel says:

    Great article, thanks. I have social phobia and don’t know what to say to people / talk about. When imagining the end with friends, do I have to hear myself talking (do I have to come up with witty things to say in my imagination) or is it enough to just imagine myself with a group of friends laughing and talking without hearing anything? thanks

    • thejoywithin says:

      Imagine whatever feels best for you, so if the specific conversation makes you nervous, just keep it to the general idea of laughter and fun. But, the more specific you can be, the more powerful the visualization is.

    • Boaz says:

      I have social phobia to, and im trying to break out of it.

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