Wayne Dyer Affirmation of the Day for Meditation, Peace and Abundance

This post is part 2 of a two part series on Wayne Dyer’s affirmations from Living the Wisdom of the Tao.

In this book, Dyer, writes a series of 81 daily reflections, mantras, and affirmations that you can use in your meditation practice and throughout the day in order to cultivate a more profound feeling of peace, well-being and abundance in your life.

To work with these affirmations, Dyer recommends you choose one affirmation per day, and repeat that affirmation to yourself as a reflection throughout the day, both during your normal routine and in a state of meditation. You could also slow down your practice and choose one every several days, or one per week. In his own life, Dyer writes that spent an entire year working with these verses, changing his affirmation once every four days.

The result? An increased sense of presence, peace, and abundance flowed to him effortlessly. He began to see new connections and relationships among different aspects of his life, and raised his awareness to a higher perspective, in order to begin living in better alignment with spirit, or source energy.

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So, without further ado, here is the 2nd part of the affirmations from the Tao Te Ching, as outlined in Living the Wisdom of the Tao.

Meditations from Living the Wisdom of the Tao – Affirmations Part 2

41. By following the Way, I do not become complicated, extraordinary, or prominent. Rather, I become subtle, simple, and uncomplicated.

42. I release attachment to all objects, status, people, and institutions. I gain by losing. I lose by gaining.

43. The softest of all things overrides the hardest of all things.

44. I let go of my need for more, and live in a state of pure gratitude. Giving is replacing my demand for more.

45. The experience of inner peace is my true gauge of all accomplishments.

46. There is no greater loss than losing my connection to the Tao. I find the bliss of eternity in my contentment.

47. Without going out the door, I can know the world. Without looking out the window, I can see the ways of heaven.

48. In order to enliven my experience of the Tao and live by its principles, I practice decreasing my reliance on things.

49. It is my choice to be kind to those who are kind. It is my choice to be kind to those who are unkind, because the nature of my being is kindness, and that is all I have to give away.

50. I am an immortal spiritual being having a temporary human experience.

51. The Great Tao has no expectations for me, no demands, no battles or wars to fight, and no history to live up to.

52. All under heaven have a common beginning. This beginning is the mother of the world and my eternal mother.

53. If I have even a little sense, I walk in the Great Way and my only fear is straying. I live honourably, I see myself in all others.

54. I am like a great wave of energy that illuminates a room. Everyone sees the light and becomes affected.

55. I attract the cooperative power of the Tao when I release the need to control anyone’s life, including my own.

56. Those who know do not talk. Those who talk do not know. The less I care about the approval of others the more approval I receive.

57. I work at allowing all others to trust in their highest nature, rather than imposing my rules and regulations on them. Moreover, I am free to be myself. I do not have to live by anyone else’s rules.

58. Bad fortune has good fortune hiding within it, and good fortune is what bad fortune hides in.

59. I practice living without limits by gathering virtue and modeling it.

60. When I refrain form thoughts of harm directed toward others, I accumulate all the benefits of life.

61. My loved ones and I cannot and will not be impacted by the presence of evil anywhere in the world. By staying calm and under the radar, others will ultimately join me in friendship and trust.

62. I am a Divine creation of the Tao, as are all others. I cast out no one. Rather, I cast out wickedness by elevating others with my deeds.

63. I see simplicity in the complicated. I do great things while they are small. I can get anywhere from here.

64. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. A tree grows from one seedling.A tower starts with one brick.

65. Because I know that I do not know, I am guided to find my own way.

66. I do not put myself above others or see myself as superior to anyone. I am like the great ocean, where all streams flow to me because I stay low, and thus, I am a servant to all.

67. I live the three treasures of mercy, frugality, and humility in all of my dealings with others.

68. Whatever I fight weakens me. Whatever I cooperate with strengthens me.

69. There is no greater misfortune than feeling I have an enemy, for when I have an enemy, there is no room for God.

70. I want to think like God thinks, to act as God acts, to live a God-realized life.

71. I trust that a happy, contented mind that is sick of being sick will have a happy, contented body.

72. My body is perfect, born at precisely the right time, and this is my perfect age. I accept myself as I am, and I surrender to the natural course of my body’s destiny.

73. It is my intention to emulate heaven’s way by listening more, speaking less, and trusting that my answers will come without any screaming. I slow my pace so that it harmonizes with heaven’s way.

74. I realize that all things change; therefore, there is nothing for me to hold on to. By not fearing death, there is nothing that I cannot achieve.

75. I place fewer and fewer demands upon others, and especially myself. I am free to commune with nature, work, play, read, or just do nothing.

76. I choose to be strong by being soft and pliable, rather than inflexible, brittle, and hard.

77. I can keep on giving because there is no end to my wealth. I am pleased to offer my surpluses to others.

78. I remain serene in the midst of sorrow and therefore prevent evil from entering my heart.

79. Someone must risk returning injury with kindness, or hostility will never turn to goodwill. I choose to preclude any future conflict by emanating love and kindness.

80. I live in a state of radical appreciation. I give humble thanks for all that I have. Paradise is wherever I am.

81. I accumulate less, give more, and release my attachment to everything in the world of 10,000 things.

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