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Easy Breath Meditation for Beginners: Now I Am Breathing In

One of the easiest breath exercises you can do is simply to begin noticing as you inhale and exhale. To get started, listen to this simple meditation, which will walk you through the breath exercise, or read the instructions below.

Easy 5 Minute Meditation for Beginners

How To Do The Exercise

You can do this exercise anytime, anywhere, and for any length of time you choose, from a few seconds to 15 minutes or more.

It could not be more simple.

As you breath in, simply repeat silently to yourself: “Now, I am breathing in.”

As you exhale, repeat silently: “Now, I am breathing out.”

Why It Works

This exercise is incredibly powerful because it is an effective way for you to maintain your focus on your breath, without having to exert any effort or thought.

The phrase acts as a mantra, which, since you repeat it consistently, will help to lessen any other thoughts you have. This allows you to focus on the energy that is entering and leaving your body, and to feel refreshed, peaceful, and more joyful.

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I love this exercise because it does not take any skill or practice to do it successfully. You can receive profound benefits from it even if you have never meditated before.

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