The Alphabet of Happiness | Find Tools and Inspiration Here

There are many acronyms for the alphabet, we have decided to create one with the guiding force of life, happiness. If you are looking for some inspiration then you have come to the right place. This list will give you some tools, techniques, and perspectives to create happiness!

A – Affirm

Your inner dialogue is always affirming something to your subconscious. A thought repeated long enough becomes a belief. Affirm what you desire in order to align yourself with these desires. You can work with Louise Hay’s mirror work technique in order to really witness your inner dialogue and more deeply integrate affirmations.

B – Breath

Your breath is a continuous gift if you allow yourself to tap into its essence. Try these 5 calming pranayama techniques to tap into the gift of breath.

C – Care

Remember it is a gift to care, even when it hurts. It takes strength to be alive, it takes strength to continue caring, and if you numb yourself to the pain you also numb yourself to your happiness. Allow yourself the gift of caring in all of its forms.

D – Demeanor

Use your demeanor to adjust your mental perspective. If you have ever heard of the saying fake it till you make it, use your body to demonstrate happiness until you feel it. Shifting your physiology is one of Tony Robbins’ tricks for creating an immediate mindshift.

E – Ethics

Getting clear with and maintaining your ethics are key points in cultivating happiness and staying on your path of happiness.

F – Failure

The way that you view failure is important to your happiness. Allowing yourself to see failure as guidance, as a gift, as a challenge, as a lesson, and not as an identity can make your inner peace unshakeable.

G – Gratitude

Gratitude is the best attitude to attract happiness and to tune your senses to perceive more of that which makes you feel grateful. It’s like a superpower. Learn how to manifest positivity through gratitude exercises.

H – Help

Help when you can, ask for it when you need, and aim to let go of judging yourself or others for needing support.

I – Inquiry

Instead of immediately believing your thoughts, question them. Look into them non-judgementally. Believing a negative thought is what causes suffering. Follow Byron Katie’s 4 questions to form thought inquiry.

J – Justify

Let go of needing to justify yourself to others or convince other people of your worth. If they can find harmony with you and bring more positivity into your life keep those people around and don’t spend your energy justifying yourself to others.

K – Kindness

When you have the chance to show someone kindness do so, especially if they are frustrating you. This kindness also extends to yourself!

L – Laughter

Deep belly laughter is not only good for your diaphragm but your all-over health. Don’t take life to seriously and remember to allow yourself to laugh. Follow the top 10 quotes from don’t sweat the small stuff here!

M – Mother

We all have an inner feminine and inner masculine energy. To fully feel happy we need to utilize our inner mother energy to nourish ourselves, care for ourselves, and soothe ourselves when neccesary.

N – No

Say no to what drains you and become comfortable ins setting boundaries that preserve your energy. When you value your own time your happiness will skyrocket.

O – Open

Open mind and open heart allow abundance to flow. Through stress and pain leave room open for hope and optimism.

P – Practice

Continously practice that which benefits you. If you find yourself failing to fully shift your inner dialogue to a positive one, continue to practice even when it feels impossible. Dedication creates amazing results.

Q – Question

When you find yourself in a situation that isn’t pulling the best version of you out of it, question if this situation is due to you needing to adapt or if you need to adapt the situation to you.

R – Release

When we are able to release more gently this equates to our levels of happiness. Releasing judgment and expectation allows happiness to stay rather than wait until a met expectation tells it that it can sit with us for a moment. Use this guided meditation to let go of expectations and attachments.

S – Shame

Talk about shame, Brene Brown, the shame researched and vulnerability specialist says shame cannot live alone. Speak to those who deserve to hear your story, but do not allow yourself to hide in the waters of shame alone.

T – Trust

It takes an active effort to trust life, to trust your worth, and to trust the process of life unfolding.

U – Utilize

Utilize the beneficial things around you. Take a bath when you feel stressed, call friend you may have felt hesitant to call and take the dance classes you’ve been putting of taking.

V – Vulnerability

This is a hard one and can be uncomfortable as well, but it is completely necessary in order to feel a full connection with life and yourself.

X – X-ray

In meditation, it is our process to examine what lies inside us, inside our personality, and inside our thoughts. This helps us to let go of any suffering surrounding being deeply attached to the human experience.

Y – Yearning

Find things you desire and allow that desire to inspire you. Looking forward to something you want to create is incredibly beneficial in helping us maintain hope.

Z – Zoom

Use your focus to zoom into the positives. This helps you manifest more of what you desire by amplifying the energy you put out towards them. Learn more about the law of attraction.

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