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When Is The Best Time To Use Affirmations?

Similar to compliments, affirmations are positive words or phrases used to uplift a person. 

They are powerful when said to oneself because they provide for an opportunity to gain greater control of one’s thoughts. 

Think phrases like, “I will tackle this day with confidence, and “I am good enough.”

When said consistently, they can be used to rewrite thought patterns or shift a person’s perspective to a more positive place. 

They are also are known to improve overall self-esteem and mitigate symptoms of stress and anxiety

But What Is The Right Time To Say Them? 

Affirmations can be used whenever feels right to you. 

You may wish to say them first thing in the morning to start your day on a positive note, or just before bed to head to sleep feeling good about yourself. 

There are proven benefits to whatever time you chose, as well as a few different pre-written affirmations geared towards those times. 

Morning Affirmations 

All of my favorite morning affirmations are based on confidence. 

They acknowledge your own strength provides you with motivation and courage to face the day head-on. 

They also allow you to focus on your goals and believe that you can achieve them. 

Here are a few to try

  • I am full of joy and happiness on this day. 
  • Today is going to be a good day. 
  • I believe in my potential.  
  • Today, I chose to be happy. 
  • I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing. 

Night Time 

While morning affirmations help turn your brain on, nighttime affirmations allow us to fill our minds with positivity before it powers off for the night. 

Repeating positive affirmations before you sleep is known to help improve sleep and enhance confidence by challenge self-doubt. 

By reciting them immediately before bed, your subconscious mind will have an easier time reconfiguring itself before drifting into sleep.  

Here are a few to try: 

  • I did my best today.  
  • I am looking forward to tomorrow and the opportunities it brings. 
  • I am letting go of the stress of today. 
  • I am thankful for the chance to sleep. 
  • I am happy with myself and everything I’ve accomplished today. 

While You sleep

Your brain is actually quite responsive while you sleep. 

In fact, did you know that while you’re first drifting off into your early and light sleep, you can actually hear while you’re sleeping

Because your subconscious mind is the most stimulated and active to develop during this first cycle of sleep, positive affirmations can have a powerful effect during that time. 

It’s best to play your affirmations for a minimum of 90 minutes, but you may wish to continuously lightly throughout the whole night sleep for a deeper impression into the unconscious mind. 

For more information or recorded affirmations to use while sleeping, check out our blog post: Listen To These Affirmations and Abundance Meditation While You Sleep. 

Overall, using affirmations consistently, every day is the best way to reap the benefits of your words. 

In addition to your chosen time, take a few moments, 3 times a day, to repeat your favorite affirmation to yourself.  Doing so will keep you motivated throughout the day by reminding you of just how great and capable you are. 

Here are a few more to try: 

  • I can handle whatever life throws at me 
  • I am creating the life I want to live. 
  • I am allowed to be happy. 
  • Every moment is a lesson. 

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