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Guided Meditation to Let Go of Expectations & Attachments

This Meditation is Day 3 of our 30-Day series: Quiet The Mind: An Introduction To Meditation.

On Day 1, we worked with a simple exercise to help you get started with the breath.

Day 2 then explored the goals of meditation and how you can use meditation as its own end-goal. Today, we continue that idea, working through a simple process for letting go of expectations in your meditation practice, and releasing your attachment to outcome.

If you haven’t listened to Days 1 or 2 yet, I recommend you begin with them, by signing up via the link above.

Meditation: Letting Go of Expectations and Attachment To Outcome

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Yesterday, I introduced the idea that meditation is its own goal. That, while we may seek to develop a higher degree of awareness, peace, or bliss, the path towards those goals is as important as the aim itself.

It is a process of evolving, of unfolding, of becoming.

As you move more steadily into this awareness, you begin to realize that the goals you have set for yourself become less relevant than the experience of what already is. You release your expectations of what should be, in order to allow your experience to come, in whatever form is more appropriate for you.

This recognition is a state of surrender. Of peace. Of joy. As you release your expectations for your practice, you can begin to see that those expectations are a burden. They are a form of judgment, evidence of your belief that what you think should happen is the only correct experience. The belief that your thoughts are the only correct thoughts.

Thus, casting off your expectations is a form of surrender. Of letting go. Of understanding that you do not know everything, and that that is ok,

Feel the relief, the undoing, that is present in this idea. You do not need to know what will come. You do not need to influence it, or try to control it.

Instead, you can simply observe. You can witness. You can detach.

All is well with you. Rest into this space. A space without judgment, without expectation.

The space that simply is.

All is well with you.

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