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Guided Meditation for Focus and Concentration

Can’t seem to stop your errant thoughts and focus long enough to get anything done? If so, you may want to try this guided meditation for focus and concentration.

Meditation is clinically proven to help you to relax your mind, clarify your thoughts, and improve concentration levels. No matter what you’re focusing on, whether it’s a task at work or a problem to solve at home or in your relationships, taking the time to step back and center your mind can go a long way towards helping you find a positive, lasting solution.

In this post, I provide a meditation geared towards improving your concentration, but you can also use a similar technique to help you create better decisions and see more opportunities available to you. If that sounds more appropriate, try this meditation to improve decision-making.

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10 Minute Guided Meditation for Concentration

This is a great, concise meditation to help you improve your focus instantly, and re-center on the task you want to complete. Meditation for concentration has been proven to raise your energy and increase your productivity, all by shifting your point of awareness.

Note: This meditation is designed to aid a general state of concentration for the purpose of completing a task or solving a problem. If you suffer from a chronic attention-related condition, you may want to try this meditation for ADHD and ADD instead.

Types of Focus During Meditation

Meditation improves your focus because of it’s ability to shift your attention to different types of energy moving throughout your body.

The easiest way to access this energy is to focus on your breath. Most meditations leverage the pulse of the breath to move you into and out of states of convergent and divergent focus.

Convergent focus is the type of attention you use to zero in on a task and complete a specific action. Divergent focus, on the other hand, is a broader awareness of what is going on in your body and immediate environment. It is a holistic center of awareness, which can help to re-energize you.

By shifting between these two points of awareness, meditation hones your ability to concentrate on any topic you choose.

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