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Guided Hypnosis Meditation to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Among the many health benefits of meditation is its effectiveness in helping you to stop smoking.

I outline the reasons why meditation helps you quit smoking in another post, but today I want to share a powerful hypnosis meditation that you can use if you’re trying to quit.

In it, you’ll enter into a state of deep relaxation and use autosuggestion techniques to program your subconscious mind into a new state of energy. This is most effective when you repeat this meditation over time, as it will help you to create new, more empowering beliefs about your health, happiness, and confidence in your ability to become a non-smoker.

As you shift the way you think about yourself, you will find that smoking simply loses its appeal. A meditation practice will help you to build resilience, and it won’t be long before you no longer give in to those incessant cravings to smoke.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

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    Thanks for sharing this, as my bf is trying to quit smoking and this looks very helpful.

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