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Guided Walking Meditation Script by Jack Kornfield

Walking meditation is a simple but extremely effective meditation practice that can help you to calm your mind, increase your energy, and improve your physical health, all at the same time.

The practice, also known as bhramana pranayama, is easy to do. In this post I’ll give a quick overview of how to do a walking meditation, and then share one of my favorite guided walking meditation scripts by author Jack Kornfield.

How To Do A Walking Meditation – Instructions

This is one of the easiest meditation practices you will ever perform, so don’t overthink this process.

All you do is find time to take a slow, even-paced walk, and begin to coordinate your breath with the pace of your steps. Each step can be 1 count of breath, and you can inhale and exhale for as long as is comfortable for you. The point is to align the breath with the movement of the body and, in so doing, you increase your awareness and focus on the movement of the body.

Walk slowly and lightly. In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, you want to “Walk as if you are kissing the Earth,” and move consciously.

This practice is most effective if you walk in nature, away from man-made noise, and have time in solitude, but it can also be practice anywhere, at any time, and even if you’re in a bustling city you can use this practice to gain peace of mind, release resistance. or let go of past negativity.

Walking Meditation Script

This script takes you through an excellent meditation, read by author Jack Kornfield. The meditation is taken from his book, The Wise Heart.

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